Able Courier C#nt – Nathan Cunliffe

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There is a bit of a story to this. The photo was posted on “You’ve got my Car Park, want my Disability too?” and predictably garnered quite a response, which included some loyal Whale Army members.

Taken on Queen Street Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt yesterday (14/3/2013) at 4.50pm by a fan of our page who said, “I think he was shocked I dared to say anything to him, but getting lippy back to me didn’t help, I just whipped out the phone and snapped a pic! NEVER mess with a middleaged mum at the end of a long day!”

Yes, and a Whale Army member to boot. 

Nathan Cunliffe - Able Courier C#nt

Nathan Cunliffe – Able Courier C#nt

Then along comes Mr Courier Driver to add his two cents worth… initially pretending to be a “friend” of the driver. His name is Nathan Cunliffe but has now deleted all his comments. He carried on digging a great big hole for himself and eventually made enough comments that it was obvious he was the driver.

One of the comments was this:

“The guy said he was there for 30 seconds, which would have really been a couple of minutes. Anyone needing the park(which I’m sure there wouldn’t have been) could have circled around once and the park would have become available. It really wouldn’t have been a big deal.”

So then silly Nathan decided to start threatening people complaining about his behaviour. It got out of hand to the point that my tipster just rang his boss. It turns out that his boss has a family member with a permanent diability who required Disability car parking. Poor Nathan Cunliffe….this was the reply of his boss to my tipster:

Morning [redacted],

Thank you for the below and the picture.

Once again I would like to apologise for the behaviour and rudeness that has been displayed on this occasion by one of our contractors. New Zealand Couriers does not condone this sort of behaviour in any way as it reflects poorly on us as a company and is not the image we wish to portray.

This matter will be followed up with Nathan by myself and will not just be swept under the mat as I had mentioned I have family that also require these car parks.

If there are any other concerns of any other emails sent to you please don’t hesitate to contract me directly.

Kind regards,

Johno Riley | Operations Manager | New Zealand Couriers Limited
DX Box SX 10113, 401 Hutt road, Lower Hutt, Wellington,
Email: [redacted] |

Top work NZ Couriers and Johno Riley.

To add insult to injury though Nathan Cunliffe’s mummy rang my tipster to apologise for the actions of her idiot son.


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  • Cadwallader

    Very obvious question: Is he a member of the “Silent T” clan we are all familiar with?

  • Steve R

    Good work. I’ve spoken to many a disabled park cheater and not one of them has ever apologized . Every one of them has been abusive
    My usual line is that ignorance is not a disability and neither is regressing back to ape man. Strangely it gets a little heated about there . My aim is to make them think about it next time.

  • williamabong

    How fucking stupid can you get, as a contractor to a reputable national company with a very high public profile this certainly counts as an own goal.
    Tip to Nathan, when you’re busted big time take it like a man, don’t argue, you were in the wrong, and when you have a “chat” with your boss take a large jar of lube, it will the pineapple you’re about to get just a little easier to take
    And Johno well done, your attitude and actions will ensure your company keeps my business, a big up.

  • cows4me

    He should of said he was delivering a wheelchair.

  • Cunliffe, now that name rings a bell.

  • disqus_NwzEOpmGye

    Don’t be so Politically Correct. It’s a courier FFS, give them a break. There in and out before you know it. Chillax.

    • I am gathering you have never been a disabled person looking for a park in what is meant to be disabled parking????? It doesnt matter how long they are there, the point is you are not meant to park there, end of story. Also why should people drive around because of ignorant people like him.