ALP lies revealed

With the election season upon us over the ditch we are going to get all sorts of nasty attack ads and if theya re from the ALP likely to also be filled with lies.

Ross Gittens makes a whole column of Labor lies at the SMH. After Labor outlined a whole lot of claims about Abbott’s tax package Gittens found the following errors:

There’s just one small problem. This stuff is so misleading as to be quite dishonest. 

For a start, this is just politically inspired figuring, which doesn’t deserve the aura of authority the government has sought to give it by having it released by the Treasurer with a reference to ”new analysis of Bureau of Statistics data” and allowing the media to refer to it as ”modelling”.

It’s true you’d have to look up the bureau’s census figures to get the details of the median family in a particular suburb, but after that the ”modelling” could be done on the back of an envelope.

There’s a key omission from Labor’s description of its wonderfully generous household assistance package: why it was necessary. Its purpose was to compensate low and middle-income families for the cost of the carbon tax. Since the Coalition promises to abolish the carbon tax, Abbott has said that all the compensation for the tax will also go. (Strictly speaking, the schoolkids’ bonus is linked to the mining tax, but the Coalition is also promising to abolish this tax, and Abbott has said the bonus, too, will go.)

The trick is that Abbott has yet to give any details of how or when these concessions would go and what they’d be replaced with. But this hasn’t inhibited Labor. It has happily assumed what the Coalition intends and is presenting its assumptions as hard facts.

Making shit up the Labor way…seems to be a common themes with Labour parties all over the world.



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  • blokeintakapuna

    Next they’ll be producing “pledge cards” and “fact sheets” that also demonstrate their penchant for lies, deceit, obfuscation and deception.
    No surprise there then – with either Labor and/or the Aussies…
    Birds of a feather…

  • Dave

    The NSW Labour party is facing near inhalation here, following the same form as the QLD labour government a while ago, where they now poll less than 20% of votes!! It’s an own goal for NSW Labour, voters are waking up to their dodgy tactics, corruption and deals with unions who are amongst the most corrupt organizations in Australia. Then the federal landslide, Gilliard and co seem to loose more votes every day whilst Abbot and the LNP are slowly gaining all the way to the end of the year Election date. I think Mr Abbot has many more winning details to come, and labour lies and corruption to expose, whereas the Liebour party, well, they are spent.

    What is interesting here, is the way they virtually shadow each other around the country!!

    • Patrick

      inhalation or annihilation? Not sure anyone would be brave enough to inhale that lot. Full of carcinogens for sure

      • Dave

        Oops, thanks Patrick, corrected now.

  • raider580

    Ross Gittins whacking Labor is news just of its self, ship sinking, rats