And gays want mothers in law?

God knows why gays want mothers in law…the sad side effect of marriage.

Chris Christie is still trying to impress his mother in law…it is a forlorn task that can never be achieved…yet he stills tries….and fails.

My policy still stands…anyone who wants a mother in law should be allowed to have one. This is why we should all support marriage equality, so the burden of mothers in law can be shared.


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  • Steve R

    I’ve a great mother in law . She once came and cooked for me when my wife was ill and our fridge stopped working properly . I’d go to it and my dinner wasn’t in it waiting for me hahaha

  • Hazards001

    One of the many upsides to being divorced is I no longer have to go rescue my ex mother in law from her own daftness….but she’s such a lovely lady and my kids Nana that sometimes I still do.