Andrew Bolt on Conroy’s Media Gagging Law

Andrew Bolt is loudly opposing Stephen Conroy’s media gagging attempts, as is the Murdoch stable with their front page campaign.

This was was the front page of the Sydney Daily Telegraph:



Bolt is on the attack, not only against Conroy but also against other journalists who he views as collaborators. Here is the first part of his column:

IT’S shocking enough the Gillard Government tries to muzzle journalists. Worse is that journalists cheer it on.

Even ministers privately believe what seems obvious: media laws proposed by the Government are revenge on its critics, especially News Ltd newspapers like this one.

Hear it from Fairfax’s Peter Hartcher, who’s spoken to more ministers than’ll speak to me.

Reports Hartcher: “Labor’s leaders wanted to punish enemies – the Murdoch empire – … as they head for the exit, runs the theory held by some senior ministers.” 

Asked for examples of media sins that need taming, Communications Minister Steve Conroy gave the ABC just two – both involving journalists criticising the Government.

Of course, the proper reaction to a government using state power thus should be horror. How dare it act like some tinpot tyranny, telling us what we may read or write?

But check the reaction when Sydney’s Daily Telegraph made that point in a brilliant front page lampooning Conroy, picturing him alongside Stalin, Mao, and Mugabe.

This was legitimate mocking of an astonishingly arrogant politician planning to appoint a government commissar to monitor media standards and strip legal protections from journalists who refuse to recognise its authority.

Yet some senior journalists treated it as exactly the reporting Conroy’s law was not only meant to stamp out, but perhaps should.

Take Leigh Sales, the ABC’s 7.30 presenter, who attacked News’ editorial director, Campbell Reid.

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  • johnbronkhorst

    The Aussies shouldn’t be surprised…it’slabour.
    They could take the example of Herr Helen…when her electorate office was attacked with an axe (through the window)…the guy wasn’t charged with willfull damage…he was charged with SEDITION (not used in over 60 years I believe)..or a willfull and damaging attack on the state. Hows that for absolute arrogance…Helen Clarke(PM) IS the state, is the Implication here. At the time of course.

  • thor42

    This is very bad, and it is happening all over the West.
    In Europe and the UK, you can no longer say anything critical of Islam, for example, and expect the courts to ignore you. This is the case even when what you say is 100% true and can be backed up with evidence.
    Free speech is dead in the West, and it is the lefties who killed it.

  • Agent BallSack

    Last I looked Stalin and Mao were controlling worm factories good to see they’ve improved their station.

  • Patrick

    Labour in NZ tried similar tactics during their last term. The restrictions they introduced as part of their Electoral Finance Act were are targeted attack against their opponents & were called an attack on democracy by one of their biggest supporters.

  • Gazzaw

    This is the final straw for labor. The unholy triumvirate of Gillard, Swan and Conroy is the absolute kiss of death for their re-election hopes. They should have resurrected Rudd while they had the chance. Too late now. They are fucked. Good job.

  • The media cannot clean up their act so some-one else is going to have to.
    Deleting messages on a missing girls cellphone to make room for more is not journalism