Another Bad Judge

Judge Michael Behrens is clearly afraid that he will attract some sort of bad publicity so he has suppressed details about whether or not he has made a decision, clearly breaching the intent of the changes made to suppression laws.

A judge has prevented publication of whether the man accused of bashing volunteer firefighter Peter Fisher has been released on bail.

Unemployed Martinborough man Milton Haira, 25, appeared in Masterton District Court yesterday for a bail hearing.

However Judge Michael Behrens suppressed all discussion on whether to grant bail, including his decision. 

Haira faces one charge of threatening to kill. He has also been charged with four counts of common assault and one charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Judge Behrens confirmed that it was likely to be 2014 before the case could go to trial before a jury.

He’s suppressed whether or not he has given this low life thug bail or not.

Surely by implication then he did or why would you suppress?  I mean why suppress the details if he was locked up without bail, the public would clap with joy and my headline would be “A good judge”. We will soon see what his decision is though because this score will be swaggering through the streets off to commit another crime.

Yet another decision by a poor judge that will see taxpayers money wasted monitoring and chasing him down again at best and at worse another member of the public sadly injured or worse.

When will we see sense and start Judging the Judges?


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  • Agent BallSack

    Heres another contender for shit judge of the week:

    “….A parole recall order was issued and the public were warned he was dangerous to approach.

    But Harries managed to evade the authorities until he was pulled over driving a Mercedes-Benz in Karangahape Rd nearly a year later.

    He offered false details to the police but was arrested when his true identity was discovered. In the boot of the car were 54 grams of methamphetamine, plastic snaplock bags for dealing and 3.5kg of pseudoephedrine.

    But despite the serious drug charges, his criminal history and the Parole Board recall order, Harries was granted bail by a District Court judge in November 2011.

    He went on the run until his arrest three months later.”

  • Orange

    I fondly remember your wall of shame or similar for journos. How about a wall of justice?

    • Agent BallSack

      I fully agree. Lets get the scum off our Judiciary.

  • maninblack

    We need to start a register of judges and their decisions, and the outcomes
    of their decisions.. E.g.: Grants bail to some crim, and then said crim
    continues to reoffend.. Then this goes down against the judge which is public

    I am pretty sure something like this happened in Australia..

    • peterwn

      for a register of and comments on High Court judges. This could be extended to District Judges (where the most problems are) presumably if there were sufficient volunteers to sit in court and do the research and write-ups.

  • Phar Lap

    Well if he dosn’t report .Must mean he wont get paid as if followed through what does he get paid for.Maybe his lack of reporting on this case ,must mean it is a freebie,and he will waive all salary payments on this one ?time for a beer.

  • cows4me

    Doesn’t it go like “for justice to be done justice must be seen to be done”. The judiciary appears to be failing NZ, these judges risk a catastrophe. The state is suppose to be our protector and administer the law, clearly this is not happening like it should. There should be no surprise if we wake up some day and lynch mobs have taken the law into their own hands. The present rulings handed out by judges in this country will eventually contribute more to disorder then order and they continue to push their luck.

  • Jordan

    The real problem here is why is it taking a year for a jury hearing?!

  • island time

    Get the Fijian Police to recapture the wankers that fail to reappear from bail!!!

  • ConwayCaptain

    Many years ago in the UK they had Magistrates sitting in court. Usually retired Armed Forces Officers and they could handle cases up to a certain lvel.
    Boy they handed down some sentences, full of common sense. No Bullshitters there. No boo hoo lawyers.

  • Ronnie Chow

    I would like to see every Judge asked the question , on TV , in prime time , the question..

    ” What is a low-function psychopath ?” , followed by the question ….

    ” Can a psychopath be changed into a normal human being ?”

    Clearly these judges have no idea who they are sentencing , like the fairy godmother yesterday who let off the scum who rugby tackled an old lady to steal her handbag , permanently crippling her .

    To quote Ken Kesey ,”There is no cure for mental illness ”

    The scum who prey on others in our society must not be given a second chance . They ALWAYS re-offend . Perhaps if Judges got demerit points for every failure of judgement .
    Each point , published as a failure of judgement . After 10 points , loss of job . Or is that being too lenient ?