Another Good Sledge from Chippie

Chippie is just doing what happened at the end of the last National Government when Labour smashed up National for golden handshakes. A simple and effective play from the best Labour Opposition MP.

From an article by Paul Harper and embedded journalist Kate Shuttleworth:

Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says Longstone’s golden handshake is “outrageous”.

“The Government claims the relationship between Lesley Longstone and Hekia Parata had broken down. Well, $425,000 dollars would have paid for a hell of a lot of relationship counselling.” 

Mr Hipkins said this was a “convenient cover story”.

“In reality, Lesley Longstone took the fall for Hekia Parata’s incompetence, and National’s unpopular policies. Taxpayers are paying a hefty price, just so that National has someone else to blame for the Government’s stuff-ups in education.

Luckily for National the rest of Labour are useless and cant deliver a hit.


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  • starboard

    its a fuckin rort . 425K for what ? This sort of shits gota stop.

  • Blue Tim

    Chippie is too young to remember Christine Rankin. Labour = hypocrites!

    • Troy

      Yup, the young gun probably didn’t do any research into the big payouts under Labour in the past – as usual didn’t engage the brain before commanding the mouth.

  • AnonWgtn

    Seem though Chippy could do with some Counselling perhaps.
    Silly Little twit

  • johnbronkhorst

    The self fertilizing house plant (hipkins) speaks. (ie a vegetable that talks bullshit.). The time to complain about the size of the handshake, is at the time of her contracted employment. But idiot hipkins would leave himself open to admit, that this kind of clause ahs been in senior civil servants contracts for decades. So what he is saying is largely irrelevant.

    • Patrick

      Ask him & his mates in Labour if they will support a bill through parliament removing the pay offs for civil servants? He would lose 1000s of votes overnight. The PSA would be in revolt.

  • unsol

    Cameron you are giving the little twit far far FAR too much credit.

    Best opposition MP? You forgot to add the best out of a big pile of bullshit.

    He didn’t deliver a “hit”, he just regurgitated the obvious rhetoric from a delusional Lefty who has conveniently forgotten that golden handshakes are as common as MPs eating pies.

    Do the suck & are they morally repugnant? Of course, but at least under the Nat’s that useless woman was only there for 13months & only got 1 years severance. Under Labour she would have been there longer & received much more….just look at how they keep on silent t & duck boy!!!