Anyone know what these are?

These arrived yesterday. The kids are perplexed as to what they can use them for.

Miss 14 reckons she knows the science behind ripping them in half..seems like a good idea for a Youtube video.

Phone Directories
On the other hand you have to admire Telecom for divesting themselves of the directory business for around a billion dollars. I’m not sure the Canadian pension fund is too happy though.



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  • maninblack

    mine when straight in the recycling bin.

  • These are Telecoms gift to the householder to be used as follows:
    Tear away the first 10 pages when you next need to light the fire; crumple each page individually and place amongst the kindling; apply lighted match. Repeat on next cold day. Designed so that paper does not mess up lounge, but can be stacked away in the firewood box. Paid for by kind hearted business advertisers. Reading of adverts not required for these to work.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Can think of 2 other uses. 1. Emergency toilet paper 2. In cold climates sleeping rough outside crumple each page individually and stuff down jacket for insulation.

  • Steve R

    I know exactly what they are . They’re used for raising the height of my comp screen up at the correct height

  • Michael

    It looks to me like someone has printed off a very tiny part of the internet, then delivered it to each home.

  • peterwn

    Interestingly French Telecom (rather its Government owned predecessor) set up a ‘dial up’ type internet service with the principal objective of doing away with printed phone books. I do not think it penetrated sufficiently to do away with phone books. The Russians had an interesting concept regarding phone books post WW2. They apparently abolished them in favour of informnation booths where you paid to obtain an address or phone number. You had to produce ID which was noted together with the requested information and no guesses who that was sent off to.

  • I find it interesting that a lot of clients still find me in the Yellow Pages first, then visit my website to look at my work. Old and new media still needed, for now….

    • Dave

      It would seem most of your clients are of the age they still support Winston Peters. Ah, retired and probably without computers!

  • Liberty

    It may be hard for all you net addicts to visualize .
    There is world out there that don’t and have any
    intention Of using computers.
    Apart from the fact the white pages online is crap.
    It use to be excellent.
    The Phone book is needed.
    That is provided it is printed in a font size that you can read.

    • chopsuey

      Why do old people use not knowing computers as some kind of badge of honor?

      I hate it when people at work say “Oh I’m so dumb with computers hahahaha” like its awesome.

      It is really not that hard to try and keep up with technology.

      • Liberty

        You are wrong and saying it because they are old. That is a generalization.
        It would also be simplistic to call them Luddites.

        They simply don’t want to be connected. They have no use nor need.

  • Lion_ess

    Around 18 years ago, when people had telephones like the one depicted on the cover and pre-internet, these books were a must-have for every business and household. Other commenters have provided some innovative ideas for their use today, however mine go straight into the bottle recycling bin.

    • Dumrse

      Is that because they are made of bottles or, they can be turned into bottles? I’m confused.

      • Lion_ess

        Just that I have a bad attitude towards recycling.

  • tarkwin

    That’s that publication that charges like a wounded bull and gets my listing wrong every time. Glad I’m not a Canadian pensioner.

  • What you do with them is interleave the pages between the two books and see if you can pull them apart.

  • Patrick

    Quite clearly these are screen height adjustment devices.
    Officeworks will be furious these are being given away for free.

  • unitedtribes

    If its as good as the info the have on the internet version its still crap. The version on 018 is even worse. It is time we had accuate one though

  • johnbronkhorst

    These are what you use when there is a wrong entry on their internet directory.

  • disqus_hBLdvhR52n

    Excellent for gauging the quality/power/spread of shotgun Ammo… see how far it penetrates…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Address Books.
    Just cross out the names of the people you don’t know

  • Rodger T

    They don`t leave a mark when you smack someone over the back of the head with one.

    Well ,so the local cop tells me.

  • Callum

    Could be useful for someone without a smart phone or with shit coverage? Maybe someone who doesn’t want to crank up the computer ervery time they need to look up a number? Maybe just maybe this might affect a big part of the country?