Are you sleeping together?

This is something we intuitively know, yet we lie to ourselves about it.   Robin Hanson at says:

Why do we choose to sleep together, and claim that we sleep better that way, when in fact we sleep worse? This seems an obvious example of signaling aided by self-deception. It looks bad to your spouse to want to sleep apart. In the recent movie Hope Springs, sleeping apart is seen as a big sign of an unhealthy relation; most of us have internalized this association. So to be able to send the right sincere signal, we deceive ourselves into thinking we sleep better.

This may explain why most men don’t mind sleeping on the couch.


H/T:  The Dish


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  • starboard

    Cant argue with that. I sleep much better when my wife sleeps on the couch.

  • Agent BallSack

    Lately I have taken to sleeping on the couch until 2am then going off to bed – though my partner is very unwell so it’s helping her sleep better too.

    • Dave

      Admire you for that ABS. The sacrifices we make in the name of true love!

  • im not allowed to sleep in my own bed…. my little one keeps dragging me out at 4am

  • cows4me

    Sorry, sleep better with the boss except when she goes into her death rolls, half crocodile I suspect.

  • Jimmie

    I prefer sleeping next to my better half………except maybe on a cold frosty winter night when I wake up and find that I am sleeping under the corner of the duvet and 95% of the duvet has mysteriously crept over to her side of the bed!

  • Hazards001

    I sleep a lot better now that she’s in a different country!