(As if they need it) In defense of the NRA


Moveon.org released a video attacking the NRA last month. While I don’t like certain aspects of NRA marketing, I decided to make a video pushing back against some of their more egregious lies. Here it is, with citations following the video.


The one that started it all

– Moveon.org video “Revealed: The Truth About The NRA”

Other sources

– Eddie Eagle/Journal of Emergency Nursing

– NRA Foundation Donates 5.5M to local organizations in 2010

– MidwayUSA Brand Products

– MidwayUSA Round Up Contributions Pass 1 Million Dollars in 2012

– NRA Board Members

– Tiahrt Amendment Supported by ATF – (NRA) OR (CRS)

– AP article on “40% of guns sold without a background check”

– Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban

– Moveon.org Statement of Purpose

– MoveonPAC Accepts Corporate Money


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  • bobby

    Regardless of your leanings on this topic when someone begins with a statement like “I am not the biggest fan of the *insert organisation*..” you are about to hear a message from someone who is almost certainly a HUGE fan of said organisation.

    It’s a limp attempt for attention in a similar vein to truther/birther/swift-boat/controlled-demolition type folk who pick out specific details they can focus on and refute while ignoring the overall body of evidence or (credible) expert opinion.