Asenati Lole-Taylor is associated with? (Poll Result and commentary)


Well, that was funny.

In one of my most popular polls in recent times, it turns out that the MP that insulted your intelligence wasn’t known by too many of you.

Only 26% of you knew that she is a NZ First (list) MP.

65% didn’t know or thought she is from Labour or Greens.

She is of course only a scum List MP


Even National’s Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, who is a National Candidate in the Manukau East electorate, got approximately three and a half times more votes than Asenati did.

What’s even more shameful, is that close to half of the voters in Manukau East that did want to support NZ First couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her personally


Now, to be fair, apart from half baked twittering, she isn’t known to have a gambling problem or have a particular hatred for Wogistanis, so at least by NZ First standards, she’s doing OK so far.

After the next Election, when NZ First will be stunned at not making 5% (you read it here first), Asenati will be a footnote in history alongside, erm… whatshisname and err…