An Australian politician who didn’t practice low bastardry…lost his job as a result

This is why Ted Baillieu is now warming the back benches:

But there are many others. Would Mr Baillieu have been more successful if he was more ruthless, projected more urgency, hunger and passion? Undoubtedly.

That wasn’t his style, and he never tried to be what he wasn’t. To his detractors, his failure to communicate was a fatal flaw. Certainly, the love of Victoria and pride in its multicultural success that was so evident last night was not widely appreciated. Nor was his decency, but then, as one Liberal friend remarked: ”Decency doesn’t pay dividends.”

Aussie politicians are generally very, very good at low bastardry. There is much to recommend it, there is nothing better in the grand game of politics than a good old-fashioned donnybrook and blood and guts spraying everywhere.


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