Bet she smells and needs her legs waxed

I bet this smelly hippy will be off for a long hot bath followed with some serious pruning:

A SLOW and silent descent from a platform 60m up a giant, 400-year-old tree marked the end of Australia’s longest tree-sit protest.

And a simple hug from the grandfather of forestry protests, Bob Brown, celebrated the reign of Miranda Gibson as Tasmania’s leading eco-warrior.

A nearby bushfire forced Ms Gibson from her treetop vigil as her feet touched the ground for the first time in 450 days yesterday.?

But she vowed to keep up the fight as Dr Brown was the first to greet the 31-year-old as she came back to earth.

“What a brilliant Australian she is and what a terrific statement she’s made for the planet,” he said.

“Miranda’s tree, when she got up there, was going to be a pile of woodchip. Now it’s going to be World Heritage.”

The activist first climbed to the top of a 400-year-old eucalypt in the Styx Valley, about 100km north-west of Hobart, in December 2011.

Despite ending the protest which generated worldwide attention, the former teacher has vowed to fight on.