Bet she smells and needs her legs waxed

I bet this smelly hippy will be off for a long hot bath followed with some serious pruning:

A SLOW and silent descent from a platform 60m up a giant, 400-year-old tree marked the end of Australia’s longest tree-sit protest.

And a simple hug from the grandfather of forestry protests, Bob Brown, celebrated the reign of Miranda Gibson as Tasmania’s leading eco-warrior.

A nearby bushfire forced Ms Gibson from her treetop vigil as her feet touched the ground for the first time in 450 days yesterday. 

But she vowed to keep up the fight as Dr Brown was the first to greet the 31-year-old as she came back to earth.

“What a brilliant Australian she is and what a terrific statement she’s made for the planet,” he said.

“Miranda’s tree, when she got up there, was going to be a pile of woodchip. Now it’s going to be World Heritage.”

The activist first climbed to the top of a 400-year-old eucalypt in the Styx Valley, about 100km north-west of Hobart, in December 2011.

Despite ending the protest which generated worldwide attention, the former teacher has vowed to fight on.



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  • Cadwallader

    Was she on teacher’s pay while up on her self-righteous pedestal?

    • Bunswalla

      No, but I’m pretty sure Novopay had a good go at paying her.

  • Roflcopter

    “Bet she smells and needs her legs waxed”

    And that was before she climbed up the tree.

    • williamabong

      Remember there are only two things that smell like fish, and one of them is fish.

  • Ironic that the eco-warrior was forced into retreat by the natural phenomena she is so passionate about . Doesn’t take an axe or a chainsaw, just a decent fire and adios treehuggers.

    • if she had have stayed up there and died it would have brought FAR more attention to her trees plight. How selfish of her to come down to save herself. she should have gotten burned with her precious tree.

  • williamabong

    Were all the chainsaws broken? cut the tree down and let the smelly hippie fly down, all super heros have wings don’t they?

  • maninblack

    She will have a fucking massive eco bush of her own she should be concerned about.

    • Gazzaw

      ………along with some associated wildlife.

  • Jack The Ladd

    Wow….she would produce the best map of Tassie ever seen. It would be so complex you would need to internalise the vision to find a good root…or is that route.

  • Travis Poulson

    The ending looked awkward. “weeeeelcome down.” …..long awkward pause…..”good to see you”……..another long awkward pause….queue dumb comment..5..4..3…2..1…”your feet back on the ground again”

    Cringe, just cringe.

  • Patrick

    These misfits of society have brought industry to its’ knees in Tassie, they now survive on the generosity of the other states of Aus. More hippies & commies per square metre than anywhere else in Aus.

    • Cadwallader

      I contest that: I say the affluent “Western Suburbs” of Perth is alive with well-heeled commies seemingly bent on decrying their means of revenue while laying it down to their offspring that wealth is embarrassing. I have been flung out of a few dinner-parties for pointing this out. TAS does have Greenie nut-jobs who can be readily ignored.

  • Jman

    Good on her for saving a 400 year old tree. It’s threads like these that will help confirm in the minds of the left that all conservatives are degenerates that just want to pillage and plunder wherever they can. Why the fuck does Tasmania need to cut down 400 year old native forest in order to remain economically viable?

    • conservative…..conservation

      just think about those two words for a minuet or two.

      • Jman

        For a minuet? Should I dance slow while thinking? Try make a point next time you deign to reply to a comment of mine.

        • um your grammar is as bad as my spelling.

          (ps dont talk down to me please)

          • what is a deign? deign



            Do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity.
            is that even relevant?

          • Bunswalla

            A deign is someone from Deignmark, a country in Scandinavia, surely?

    • maninblack

      I am no conservative, but on another note- Rich countries look after their environments better than poor countries champ..

      • Jman

        Your point being?

        • Travis Poulson


          • Jman

            I’m still waiting for one of you geniuses to explain what you find so offensive about someone trying to protect a 400 year old tree that was going to be destroyed in rich first-world Australia.

          • Travis Poulson

            Who found it offensive?

            Whoooosh again.

          • i think the point is that the tree probably was never actually going to be felled. and not that its any of my business it seems that a lady of that age should be able to find something better to do with her time…. and she really wasn’t achieving much….and the fact that the socialist party of the greens hold her up as a poster girl to which she quite likely is not affiliated with or at least doesn’t understand that by that party is more interested with global communism (100% tax and total redistribution of wealth, in case you were wondering what communism is) than saving this planet, known as earth.

            why dont YOU tell me what SAVING a 400 year old tree achieves?


          • Jman

            Travis is being an idiot so I will ignore him, but Nigel you have at least attempted to explain your position so I will respond to you.

            You state the the tree was never going to be felled. On what do you base that on? The article says the tree “was going to be a pile of woodchip”. I can’t be arsed to research the veracity of that statement and I’ll bet you haven’t either, but that is what the article says, so why would you assume otherwise?

            The fact that the green party engages in socialist activity has nothing to do here with the actions of an environmental activist.

            If you can’t think of a good reason to preserve ancient native forest then I’m not going to try change your mind about that, suffice to say I think it’s incredibly important that we do preserve it.

            Look my original point is this, and I will try not make this too complicated as I don’t want it to go over Travis’s head. This is a blog frequented by right wing conservatives – supposedly people who stand for limited government, personal responsibility, law and order and all that other good stuff. The left likes to paint us as all laissez faire capitalists who would sell our own mothers to make an exta buck and don’t give a stuff about the environment. The comments in this thread only serve to re-inforce that impression. Politically speaking the left has managed to capture the environment as their own. This offends me as I am a certified RWDB who happens to consider protecting the environment very important.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Your right Jman just leave the smelly cunt up there and chop down the trees around her.

    • Richard McGrath

      Whose tree is it, and why shouldn’t they be able to cut it down and mill it, burn it or chip it if they like? I have headed off the eco-terrorists by cutting down a 20 year old eucalypt on my property, splitting and stacking it. Enjoyed it so much I think I will chop down more of them – they make great firewood.

  • and now she can go to the bank and pick up her accumulated dole from the past 450 days.

  • “I bet this smelly hippy will be off for a long hot bath followed with some serious pruning:”


    Better bring the brush cutter.

  • Andy

    Saving a single old tree might have some merit, but it is the Greens who are pushing us towards burning woodchip instead if coal. FitzSimons was recently suggesting that Fonterra should use woodchip instead of coal. In the UK, the largest coal fired power station, Drax, is being converted to wood chip.this will require millions of acres of forest to be chopped down and transported across the Atlantic.meanwhile 300 years worth of UK coal remains untouched. There will be no savings in CO2 emissions either.–wont-help-planet-jot.html

  • Never in the dark…..

    They should go in and cut it down now just to spite her and her ilk.