Bono’s TEDTalk on poverty

Bono Vox talks about fighting poverty, now normally I think what he has to say isn;t worth listening to, but this time it is worth it.

His talk is called The good news on poverty (Yes, there’s good news):

Great news – but the politicals (& MSM) who rely on bad news for power won’t spread this as unhappy with good news and the power of innovation and markets.

This video also shows the stupidity in places like NZ of defining poverty as 60% of the median wage.


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  • Cadwallader

    Well presented. I cannot envisage that clip being shown at a Greens Party or Labour Party meeting. There’s too much reason and optimism for those despondent losers to comprehend. If the facts as presented are true why doesn’t Shearer know about them from the time he pursued his oh so virtuous career at the UN?

  • Bunswalla

    Great to hear Bono advocating so strongly for transparency and sunlight – the best disinfectant for corruption and all flavours of chicanery.

  • Morrissey

    This glib pop singer approvingly quotes an Egyptian protestor who boasted: “We are going to win because we don’t understand politics.”

    When they have hosed the remains of THAT poor fool off the streets, the people who DO understand politics will take power.

  • Hazards001

    I’m no fan of Bono and this didn’t move me at all. However the fact remains that the corrupt are the instigators of poverty as he points out and for this and many other countries the most corrupt tend to be on the left side of the line.

    It should also be noted that like the Egyptian pharaohs he refers too the policy of keeping the general populace dumbed down and illiterate is also a leftist tradition. If you can’t read it’s very hard to be persuaded that you can challenge the status quo!