Breaking: Duncan Garner dead – NBR



Poor Duncan.  Still copping it for his whoopsie.  To be fair, he was relying on Tweets by people employed by other media, but there you go.  Even more fun at his expense.

What’s not so funny is that you have to pay the NBR $120 if you want to read Jock’s “opinion” about a week late.

Well, it’s “opinion” and not “news” I guess.

Update: Duncan also copped a flogging on MediaWatch…I wonder why they didn’t give Adam Bennett a kick on the way through.


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  • Andy

    Paywalls. Bye bye MSM

  • LesleyNZ

    Who is Jock Anderson? Never pay for opinion.

  • CoNZervative

    “pour,” poor, pore, paw, it’s all the same Heh, as in “Polls, Poles Who Cares, Sounds the same” criticism of the NZ Herald. We all make these mistakes on our blogs CS, but why continually point out the Herald ones when yours is full of them too? Evenstevens.

    • I think the difference is that people running blogs aren’t pretending to be decent journalists, trained and skilled. Or newspapers of record. But yeah, good on you, you got one there. Keep on reading, their will be moore.

    • YAWN, nice to see you repeating Peter Aranyi’s 1769 word rant-fest about me. Get a life…oh that’s right, your life is all about stalking me.

      • CoNZervative

        Cameron, it’s called reading your Blog and commenting on
        things, as you do. Can you not see that? How is it any
        different that what you do? This is how the Blogging world
        works. Intelligent people debating important topics. I
        think Paepae makes valid points. If you’re gonna dish it,
        ya gotta take it. ~ J.

        —– Original Message Follows —–

  • johnbronkhorst

    But….this is historical news duncan garner has been intellectually dead for years.

  • maninblack

    i listened to it live as he made the error.. he was so happy with the result.. as he read out the real result it was like he had bit a lemon.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Stupid Muppets. You would have to be dead from the neck up to want o pay for there regurgitated crap.

  • BREAKING: Update on this at 4pm. It gets better.