But Kiwis live in Australia too

The Labour party is cutting up rough because it has been suggested that the companies being listed as part of the Mixed Ownership Model  on the ASX.

They claim that Kiwis were supposed to be first in line.

They forget of course that under Labour many, many Kiwis moved across the Tasman, a trend that continued under National as Australia’s economy boomed while our stagnated due to a reluctance to mine our own resources. 

There are many thousands of Kiwis living in Australia and they must be in the line too…it makes sense to list on the ASX to assist them in investing in good solid infrastructure companies.

Of course once the Kiwi investors are exhausted, then we can pick the pockets of Aussies.

It is a good move by the government.



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  • In Vino Veritas

    Cutting up rough? What, by waving sodden bus tickets about at dawn?
    I’m sure this lot will be ditching their pension providers when the provider purchases shares in the assets being sold. Or will they?

  • Patrick

    So here is the scenario – “Labour Party” is selling their family home, I am a kiwi & I offer $100k for the house, along comes an Aussie looking for a holiday home in NZ & he offers $120k, are Labour really suggesting that they would take the inferior offer because I am a kiwi? Very similar argument was used by Michael Fay recently & it got him nowhere.
    If Labour did sell to me the first thing I would do would be to contact the Aussie & sell to him for a $20k profit – I would be mad not to.

    • Bunswalla

      Based on the Crafar Farm sales, lowball offers by kiwis will always lose out to higher offers from overseas. As they should do. People seem to think that if a foreigner buys land in NZ, the land mysteriously disappears to the country of ownership, never to return. It could end up anywhere.

      Same with any resource, including power. Who gives a toss where the share owners live – they’re putting their money up to accept the risk and get the rewards.

  • Auto_Immune

    Also, a lot of people appeared to have ignored the little fact that most kiwisaver funds are partially invested in the Australian market. Dual listing could potentially help more NZers invest in these assets via their Kiwisaver proxy.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Here is what Labour losers are thinking now. Some pathetic weasel has written in Mad Matt McCarten’s weekly vomit in NZ Herald – “Let John Key sell the assets and the power prices rise beyond control. Then people will never vote for National”. How is that for a lateral thinking Tories? You are doomed….

  • Phar Lap

    Just waiting for someone from opposition media to the Nats every twist and turn on power company share sales,to ask Sheepman Shearer how he would pay for the novel way John Key and Bill English have come up and how to improve NZs infra structure without going cap in hand to the worlds moneylenders.

    • blazer

      what novel way are you talking about?The divy’s from MR are a better return than a partial float.Unless English has a new guess,that may not be his …best guess!

  • blazer

    so thats the reason for a record 54000 leaving for Oz last year!’ due to a reluctance to mine our own resources. ‘….who would ever have thought!