Caesar Michael Williams loses no confidence motion but stays in job

Last night, at the Howick Local Board meeting, the following motion of no confidence in Michael Williams was passed.

(a) That the Howick Local Board expresses no confidence in the chairmanship of Michael Williams as a result of his criminal conviction on 22nd February 2013.

Unbelievably though the convicted drunk driver remains as the local board chair after members refused to request he resign in a subsequent motion.

It is clear now though that the Howick Local Board is dysfunctional and Michael Williams is a chairman in name only with the board having lost confidence in him. 

If he was a decent man he would have resolved on his drive home last night with his missus behind the wheel, to fall on his sword. I doubt he will, he lacks the awareness of his predicament. UPDATE: It seems fellow board member Wayne Huang has been drafted to act as chauffeur to the Caesar.

Therefore I will have to get some billboards made up and plaster them around the local community as I mount a campaign to have him removed at the local body ejections elections in October or November.



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  • williamabong

    Bizarre, but then the rest of us need to remember this happens in a city that elected Looney Len.

    • Gazzaw

      In other words you’ve got what you couldn’t be bothered to vote against. Make the effort this year to tick the voting forms and post them FFS.

      • JimboBug

        And vote for who? Yet another failed politician?

    • Dave

      We got Len, as lets see, who else was there. Oh yeah, some drunk guy from Campbells Bay who has a reputation for pissing on trees in public. Time to get some credible and decent candidates.

  • Not only convicted drunk driver, but convicted of resisting arrest too wasn’t he? That’s worse IMHO.

    • peterwn

      No the ‘resisting arrest’ charge was withdrawn AFAIK – seemed he might have been able to successfully defend that one, so AFAIK the prosecutor dropped it in exchange for a guilty plea on the drink-drive.

  • cows4me

    Citizens. Against. Michael, nice touch WO, so when will Micheal be coming to knock on Cam’s door?

    • Mr_Blobby

      3 Nights a week it is guarded by a shotgun. You decide which 3.

      • cows4me

        I have no wish to visit WO Mr-Blobby unless of course the fridge is full, Mr Williams may have other thoughts on the matter :-)

        • Mr_Blobby

          As I said 3 nights out of 7. So the question is, do you fell lucky punk, well do you.

  • Dave

    Nice work Whale, I would add & Drunk Driver to the posters. Seriously, how can a community endorse a drunk driver by electing him. (A vote for Williams is a vote to support Drunk Drivers) I also wonder if his employer also needs a vote of no confidence in him, press the ejection button boys.