‘Canes find consistency with Gareth Morgan

Two games, two losses. At least Gareth Morgan has brought some consistency to the Hurricanes from the Phoenix.

Now holding a 0-2 record, Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett admitted he had a sorely dejected dressing room.

The Hurricanes were edged out 18-12 by the Reds in Brisbane.

Mistakes from both sides created a dour encounter, with Hurricanes skipper Conrad Smith left frustrated.?

“It was wet, it was tricky conditions and I don’t think either side played great footy… but just never got going I suppose.

“I just felt we had the game there and for one reason or another we couldn’t get the points,” the veteran centre said. “I never felt that we would lose that game.”

Sorry Conrad, get used to it, it’s called the “Gareth Effect”…well proven, has affected his Kiwisaver plans, the Phoenix and now you.