Carbon Tax kills jobs in Australia

The Green Taliban and Labor wanted it, Julia Gillard pushed it through and now evidence is growing that Australia’s carbon tax has killed off jobs:

THE carbon tax is contributing to a record number of firms going to the wall with thousands of employees being laid off and companies forced to close factories that have stood for generations.

Soaring energy bills caused by the Government’s climate change scheme have been called the “straw that broke the camel’s back” by company executives and corporate rescue doctors who are trying to save ailing firms.

New data from the corporate regulator reveals insolvencies have hit a record high over the past 12 months, led by widespread failures in manufacturing and construction, which accounted for almost one-fifth of collapses. 

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission reports there were 10,632 company collapses for the 12 months to March 1 – averaging 886 a month – with the number of firms being placed in administration more than 12 per cent higher than during the global financial crisis.

While the high Australian dollar is seen as the main factor behind manufacturing closures, experts say the carbon tax is adding to increasing cost burdens for many firms struggling to stay afloat.

Peter Macks, principal of Adelaide-based insolvency firm Macks Advisory, said the carbon tax was “quite debilitating” for a number of hotel operators who he said had been “struggling for a long time”.

“It is very tough operating at a profit,” Mr Macks said.

Todd Gammel, a partner with HLB Mann Judd, likened the carbon tax to pulling a leg out from underneath a chair.

“For companies which have exposure to energy, and other factors which are affected by the carbon tax in a significant way, the carbon tax and the costs related to it are having a significant impact on the ability of these companies to continue,” Mr Gammel said.

The Green Taliban has struck. They have cost thousands of workers their jobs with a tax to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


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  • Cadwallader

    This seems to be the goal of the idiot Greens.

    • Gazzaw

      Not idiots, this is calm, cool, premeditated economic sabotage. Expect no different from Russel Norman.

  • workers made redundant from these collapsing firms will be able to walk straight into green industry jobs

    without any downtime or training required

    is that how its meant to work Wussell?

  • blokeintakapuna

    2-speed economy looks like its fast become a single speed economy with most of the major mining companies telling Gillard and Labor to take their mining taxes and put them some place less comfortable… As they are taking their mining toys and going to play in Mongolia and North Africa, where there ain’t no mining taxes, no obnoxious, militant unions, no extortionate wages and much lower tax rates.

    S they’ve shelved and deferred major projects and the impact across the entire minerals/mining sector there has been dramatic for those on the ground. Yes, some projects are still going strong, but projects on the drawing board have largely been stalled, resulting in huge impacts across their entire economy… And this is just the very tip of the ice berg.

    • Simo

      The forthcoming Aussie election will be a bloodbath of epic proportions for the lefties…..good F*&**G riddance

      • Gazzaw

        The unholy triumvirate of Gillard, Swan & Conroy guarantees it Simo.

  • Mr_Blobby

    So what else is new.

    TAX kills the incentive for people to want to contribute.

    It is easier to sit at home on a benefit.

    You can’t borrow your way out of a financial hole, you only make the hole bigger.

    It is the National Government that wants to introduce as many new types of TAX as possible, The Greens will probably just vote for it. Labor will vote against it but then introduce it anyway. next time they are in power.

    It would be prudent to keep the amount for money at the bank to a minimum.Especially as no political party has spoken out against the Asset grab in Europe.

    May we live in Interesting Times.

    • parorchestia

      Do you have special knowledge Blobby, or just making a comment about govts robbing savings in banks?

  • cows4me

    I don’t think you can really blame the Melons. The real blame lies with the power at all costs, Labor Party . The arseholes would gladly sell their grandmothers for a chance to inflect the people with their great governance. The Aussie Labor party sold their souls to the devils the devils are now taking their payment.