Charter Schools – Changing the Story

As more and more results stack up overseas the Charter Schools opponents are trying to change the story.

Paul Goulter (NZEI) on Radio NZ this morning continued to be disingenuous through his teeth in trying to say there is “no evidence” of success overseas. He is trying to treat the New Zealand public as fools.

The union argument will be hurt again by a growing body of evidence from the US (a country Goulter calls a “basketcase” even though it has e.g. 13 of the world’s top 20 Universities). Today information was released from Florida that their Charter Schools are well and truly outperforming their state counterparts. 

“The Florida Department of Education released a report saying that charter school students outperform students at traditional schools in math, science and reading, according to results from end-of-course exams and the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.”

Full report here (not that the unions will read it).

Massey University’s (which is no where near the world’s top 50) John O’Neill is a little bit smarter than Goulter. He has stopped saying “no evidence” and even tacitly admits NZ schools are not good enough by saying:

But Professor O’Neill says the Government is “already loading the dice in favour of Partnership Schools Kura Hourua” with the planned funding model.

In other words he already believes the Charter Schools will be better than many current “world class” schools and is trying to hedge against that possibility. He is wrong about the funding too. The schools will be funded at a decile 3 level and the document makes is clear that it is about helping kids who the NZEI/PPTA system is currently failing.

The biggest fear the unions have is improvement for children in a situation they can’t control. They have a vested interest in failure and they now maintain barely a charade of anything other than patch protection. Are teachers really happy being represented by these people who claim to speak for all of them?


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Another inconvenient truth to trump the hysterical rhetoric and union propaganda.
    Blimey – Shearer will need to release the GCSB tape soon if he hopes to claw-back any of the credibility Labour and the Greens spout…
    The Truth will always trump patch-protection deceit and manufactured, invented crisis’s

  • Just look up John Stossel on Youtube….various indepth clips on the vast difference in results between charter schools and the failing unionised State schools. The scum have no facts to stand on..

  • Patrick

    NZEI talk shite, they have a presrcipted dialogue where they drop in words like disaster, discredited as many times as they can. Reminds me of the saying – never point at someone because there are always four fingers pointing back at you.