C#nts. They park anywhere

Via the tipline

Took this pic of this car parked at Countdown Pukekohe South yesterday. 4 parks taken up. What a dickhead.



We’re getting quite the collection now.  Click here to see all the cunts so far.


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  • Bunswalla

    Four spaces with one car is pretty impressive. Sometimes when I see someone straddling two angle parks for example, I’m very tempted to go and tell them that if they put the car sideways. they can probably take up 3 spaces.

  • spollyike

    should have keyed it.

  • SJ00

    This is a beauty.. every wheel needs its own park. Keep them coming!

  • Troy

    Cam, the country I live in publishes these types of photos in their local papers – its a name/shame policy. As a result when someone is seen taking up more than the square they are hauled up by whoever citizen is around whereby they are 99% of the time get back in their car and correct their parking…. it works.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Somebody tell Farrar to get back to Wellington.

    Pukekohe, not surprised they have a very healthy inbreeding program going on down there. You know where Mummy and Daddy are sister and brother. Every body parked correctly is a visitor.

  • Comms_is_cool

    Cam – you should contribute these pics to this: