Could David Shearer become Race Relations Commissioner?

The left wing are all outraged that Judith Collins has chosen a european woman for the new Race Relations Commissioner. Worse still one that does not meet their special requirements. As is usual they mount a personal attack and dredge up innocuous columns form little read newspapers.

One of the things that she stands accused of is racism based on a column written two years ago in the Bay of Plenty Times where she said:

The reality is that most New Zealanders either couldn’t care less or are frustrated that what should be a day of national celebration is marred by political shenanigans.

Not much different from the political posturing at Ratana the previous week.

The saving grace is at least this year we do get a public holiday. Last year, we all felt cheated that Waitangi Day fell on a weekend and we were denied that.

So for most of us, it is an opportunity for a day at the beach, the good ol’ Kiwi barbie in the summer sun with little reflection on the meaning of the day.

Waitangi has been hijacked and if it can never be really seen as a day of national celebration then perhaps the time has come to choose another true New Zealand day.

We only need to look across the Tasman to witness how Australians celebrate their day.

This apparently is hanging offence, with Annette Sykes and Catherine Delahunty calling for her to stand down before she has even started in the job.  

I wonder though if those same two would consider David Shearer fit for the job? Martyn Bradbury likewise thinks Dame Susan Devoy is unfit for the job, I wonder if he thinks David Shearer is more qualified?

If the words you wrote two years ago are enough to hang you then perhaps the words written just a few short weeks ago would likewise eliminate David Shearer from the role:

On Waitangi Day most Kiwis opt for a barbecue, go to a concert or take the chance to go to the beach like any other day off. They make a point of making the day quite ordinary, and I understand why.

They don’t see the appeal of a celebration if it’s going to be a day where the focus is on argument and protest. But what we have had does not have to be what we will have forever.

I believe Waitangi Day is special – it’s our national day. We should make more of it. We should celebrate it properly. All over the world, countries celebrate their national day. Surely we have as much – or more – to celebrate as they do.

Not that we need more ums in ou political discourse, but ….um…isn’t that what she said?


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  • tarkwin

    I personally think the job should be abolished, but if it must exist it sounds like we’ve got the right person for the job. Annette Sykes and Catherine Delahunty disagreeing with her appointment gives her real credibility.

    • Cadwallader

      Agree. I have never seen the need for the position. That said Ms Devoy will make a decent fist of it. In NZ only whiteys can be racists, while Hone and his filth peddlers are ideal citizens.

  • Simo

    Go Susan……administer the bile to these lefty retards – there are a few million people cheering you on here!!

    • spollyike

      Agreed, she is just what this country needs. What a breath of fresh air in this stale PC, revisionist, apologist filled hole.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Everybody knows that white mother fuckers are racist.

    What has the office of the race relations commissioner ever achieved and what has it cost us the TAX payers.

    Would it not be easier to take a leaf from South Africa and have a law that bans things like selecting a team on a race basis, banning race based parliamentary seats and banning race based parties. Problem solved.

    • spollyike

      In your dreams, but we can only hope.

  • Sounds to me we might just have someone who represents how most of NZers actually think…imagine that

  • Honcho

    There was nothing racist in those statements from either Dame Susan, nor David Shearer. What the hell has this country come to when someone is deemed racist for simply opening their mouth to say something, anything at all, provided they are of european decent.

    Sounds like she is the perfect person for the job, it seems everyone else is racist against europeans in NZ and that this practice is acceptable and is to be tolerated, its about time this issue was sorted out.

  • Phil

    You are immediately branded a racist in this country if you question the treaty mafia. Even in the slightest.

    • spollyike

      Time for a backlash!

  • Mediaan

    Probably it’s illegal to say so, under The Act, but isn’t Susan Devoy the sixth catholic in a row to get this nice little job?

    And doesn’t the catholic church benefit enormously from the clampdown on free speech in The Act? Easy to shut people up about child-abusing priests… Easy to shut people up about religions that send their employees screwy…

    • Cadwallader


  • Kacanga

    A Race Relations Commissioner who thinks like most of us New Zealanders?

    Nah, can’t be true. There’s got to be a catch somewhere.

  • Mediaan

    People need to remember it is a lot wider than just race issues.

    Here is a bit from the Human Rights Commission in a media release on March 20:
    Allocation of spheres of human rights responsibility for Dame Susan in addition to her Race Relations responsibility will be made by the Chief Commissioner after discussion with her and other Commissioners and in consultation with the Minister of Justice.

    The previous Race Relations Commissioner was allocated responsibilities for cultural diversity; religion and belief; right to language and culture; migrants; refugees and right to work: accommodating religion and migrant workers in addition to his responsibilities as Race Relations Commissioner.