Crisis in Manufacturing? Nope, not so much

The only crisis in manufacturing that exists is the crisis Labour and the Green Taliban have in manufacturing a crisis in manufacturing:

The manufacturing sector is expanding at its best rate for a year, as it gets a boost from the Canterbury rebuild and wider construction work, according to a survey.

The latest BNZ-Business New Zealand Performance of Manufacturing Index was up 1.1 points to 56.3 points in February.

A figure above 50 indicates that the sector is generally expanding and under 50 that it is going backwards. 

The latest figure was the highest reading since February 2012.

BNZ senior economist Craig Ebert said the result reinforced the bank’s view that manufacturing was not “in crisis”.

“The figures speak for themselves,” Ebert said. “The way some people are talking, we should be witnessing a very weak, to plunging, PMI. In fact, it’s improved to a more positive level.”

Gee, I wonder what the manufactured crisis into the manufacturing crisis parliamentary review will show now?

Or will Labour and the Green taliban quietly let this one slip under the radar.


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  • tarkwin

    Wish things would fire up a bit faster up North. You can feel the change coming but it’s still pretty hard getting a sale and even harder to get payed.

    • Gazzaw

      Tarkwin, my business has taken me over to the North Shore this week and I can only describe the Albany/Glenfield industrial area as buzzing particularly those in the export sector. Indications in the dormitory suburbs of Browns Bay, Milford, Takapuna, Glenfield and Warkworth are also very positive with good spend in the retail outlets. Unemployment must be minimal on the North Shore too – a quick visual scan around the malls & shopping centres showed no young people hanging about so obviously either at work, uni or school and the only visible Gen Ys were pushing prams or baby strollers so partners and working women obviously in employment.

      • tarkwin

        Dead right Gazzaw, we watch those places with envy. Once you cross the Brynderwyns things get a bit quieter, but it’s not that bad and it is getting better. We always seem to be about eighteen months behind Auckland. We were the last to slow down as well. I’ve survived 4 or 5 years of this now so a while longer won’t kill me. It will be nice to see the port and industrial area out at Ruakaka finally get going, that will be a great place in time to come.

        • Patrick

          Imagine what a boost there would be if you had a decent motorway all the way to Auckland.

          • Gazzaw

            Oh, you mean the Holiday Highway Patrick? That according to labour and the greens will be solely for the use of Auckland’s rich pricks for quicker access their palaces in Omaha & Mangawhai.

          • Patrick

            I reckon Ruakaka would grow like Te Rapa has if there was a decent link to Auckland. Move the container terminal from Auckland up there as well.

          • tarkwin

            The industrial area is already there, the roads are in, the port is growing flat out they own all the rail corridor land, and all we need is a decent highway! A few more Aucklanders wouldn’t go a miss in the pubs – the usual crowd are getting a bit boring. had lunch at the Ruakaka pub the other day – the food was great.

          • GregM

            It will also knock about 15 minutes off my fishing trips up to Tutukaka, which has to be a good thing.
            Jonno, a mate of mine has offices in Rosedale which has been empty for about a year as well, She has just signed up a new tenant on a seven year lease, so hang in there, the opportunities are out there again.

          • le sphincter

            Since it will only go to the Omaha and mangawahi turnoff, its agood assumption.
            Anyway they have run out of money for thses trophy highways and this one has such a low traffic count PEPs wont touch it

          • LabTested

            Check your map. Puhoi to Wellsford motorway. Wellsford is well past the Omaha turn off, so saying it only goes that far is simply not true & I assume an honest mistake on your part

      • jonno1

        Agreed, I have a small commercial unit in Albany (offices) which unfortunately has been vacant for about a year and still is, but the good news is that the surrounding vacancies are gradually filling up so my day will come. SMEs were hardest hit by the downturn which is the market for this unit (up to about 6 people).

  • JimboBug

    I work for an Auckland based company that manufactures, repairs and exports – with most sales being US dollar denominated. This year’s half year revenues (in NZ$) have grown 22% from last half-year; and profits are up 80%. Would things be better with a weaker dollar? Of course. But if you can’t adjust then you don’t deserve to be in business.
    Liebour’s manufacturing crisis is either a figment of their imagination or is something that they have discovered by investigating the businesses that their union paymasters have destroyed.

  • Cadwallader

    Notwithstanding a drought the receipts from the provinces look grand to me. This year looks damn good and damn profitable. NZ is a great place to be currently. The Labour/Greens gloom merchants yearn for disasters and despondency simply to blame the government for something..anything! (My thought for the day: If it is acceptable to have a minimum voting age, why not a maximum voting age?) I am closing in on retirement in the next decade and query why I ought still get a say on the future of this country. The adoption of a maximum voting age would stuff Winston…reason enough?

    • Patrick

      Only if you contribute to the tax take should you have a say on how it is spent – currently that is not the case & those that do not contribute are an ever increasing majority in NZ. No wonder our political landscape is covered in politicians lining up to hand out free money to the idle.

      • Cadwallader

        Agree! It is no surprise you have a boozy Saint’s day named after you.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Cad, Labour & the Greens don’t yearn for gloom, they make gloom – manufacturing crisis, labour crisis, housing crisis, climate change, resource peak and on and on. They go out of their way to create the perception of gloom when in opposition, and will then go right ahead and change perception to reality when they are in Government.

    • Gazzaw

      I’ve hit retirement age but still working because I love the challenge and working with my younger counterparts. I would have to say that none of my older colleagues or friends can abide Winston and I think that despite the baby boomers coming through NZF will die out as even we perceive it as an old peoples’ party and could not conceive voting for Peters or his policies. We are talking about a generation that has never been healthier, fitter, well educated, more teck savvy or motivated to stay in the workforce. Peters and his loony supporters at Grey Power are an irrelevance to most baby boomers. Peters will be in a resthome long before I finally retire to my beach house.

      • Cadwallader

        I hope you are right and the greasy prick’s party dribbles away.

  • le sphincter

    This is so funny !

    From BNZ web page

    11 June “Pessimism returns”

    9 June “Pessimism ebbs away”

    Just as well its only a week apart then !

    Some people cant tell a crock of shit even if they are standing in it

  • I don’t believe foreign bankers, they are disloyal, they just want their Asian mates to buy up everything and make money on the transactions, they don’t know that the road to prosperity is to literally MAKE money. I’ve been listening to Lord Turner, the man who was turned down for the role of Bank of England Governor, and wisely stood by and did nothing, as the banks in the UK collapsed while he was Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, and he thinks you can just pay for government spending by printing money. He said lots of other complicated stuff about base lending rates, and recapitalisation, and different types of money supply, I started playing with my Iphone at that point, but I heard what he said about printing money and it is so obvious. The fact the neo-liberal capitalist rightwing who would enslave children and make poor people sell their organs disagree with me, shows I must be right. They make up lies about Zimbabwe, so I asked the UN, and it told me that Zimbabwe’s government works with them, and is a legitimate government, so I think it’s just rightwing propaganda that printing money is bad, because the banks want to keep it all for themselves. You see if we print money, we can spend it on giving it to poor people to help their kids, or just spend on things we make in Aotearoa, we can hire lots of people to be community organisers and activists, we can use it to pay for Green energy, to build new railways and to just make Aotearoa a cool place again. If there is inflation we can ban it, like Argentina and Venezuela did, the government can do anything, and anyone who disagrees with me is a fascist and is part of the vast right wing conspiracy that wants to sell us out to Asians, Americans and Zionists. Catherine Delahunty (or Katarinei as she keeps insisting I call her) says we could give iwi the printing presses for money back that Pakeha threw into the sea and which the SIS keeps hidden, so that there could be Iwi dollars, so Maori could have self determination.