Cry Baby of the Week: Kevin Curtis


The Incident:  Phone company assigned teen’s phone number to someone else

The appropriate response:  Complain and wait for it to be rectified

The actual response:  He got the Waikato Times to do a story on it 

Raymond’s father Kevin Curtis called 2degrees to get reconnected and but was told it could take up to five days to ”investigate” the issue.

”How can they so easily disconect, but they can’t reconnect?”, asked Mr Curtis.

Mr Curtis said Raymond had suffered some ”serious” bullying earlier this year, and also had a broken foot.

”If he hadn’t had his phone, things could have turned nasty very quickly.”

He said the bullying could rear up again, and it was important that they kept in touch.

Fuck me, what a dense bastard.  Do you think having your son  in the paper crying crocodile tears over his phone not working for a few days is going to make him a demi-God at school?


Source:  Waikato Times


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  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Surely the phone could still make emergency calls to 111 if things had turned nasty. What a crock of shit, just someone bleating and hoping to get something for free from 2 deg. Shit I remember waiting 7-10 days just to get a landline connected at one stage years ago and you just accepted it. Grow up little boy and get a life.

    • coventry

      … and a haircut

      • tarkwin

        And a few less spots.

    • 7-10 days? Some of us remember it being 7-10 months.

      • ..and that was when Post Office employees were actually working!!!

  • Liberty

    ”If he hadn’t had his phone, things could have turned nasty very quickly.”

    The Kid must have some app on that phone.

    “Beam me up Scotty”

  • He has that whole teen angst look going. If he was bullied before he will get it double now it is national news.

  • His father is doing a fine job rearing his son to think of himself as a victim.

  • NZ Groover

    Dumb decision dad. You should have just painted a big bullseye on his back for the bullies.

  • peterwn

    Strongly disagree, Customer through no fault of his own (phone was recently topped up), lost number and access. Boy’s father did complain to 2 degrees first and got the bum’s rush. 2 degrees could have checked this out and ‘provisioned’ a temporary number to the boy’s SIM card within an hour or two. He received crappy Jetstar type service and had every justification to complain in any reasonable way he thought fit.

    2 degrees also had a potential ‘systemic’ error which meant the same could have happened to others. This should have triggered an urgent investigation.

    It is totally unfair to call out the boy as a ‘cry baby’ in public like this.

    • Michael

      If 2 Degrees didn’t respond to the complaint adequately I would think going to the telecomunications dispute resolution service would have been the next course of action. Yes, going via the media is probably faster but if the kid suffers from serious bullying then it was the wrong step to take.

      • peterwn

        And they will take how long??????? The boy and father did the right thing by contacting 2 degress initially, and when they fumbled the ball were within their rights to advance the matter by any reasonable means.

        • Michael

          Yeah they would be slow as fuck. But I would rather wait a while than get beaten up, as will no doubt happen to him if he is suffering from serious bullying (which is very sad and unfortunate).

  • Get a grip

    I am laughing my tits off!!
    The Dad rang the phone company, got the bums rush.
    So rang the Newspaper. Bet he gets some action now.
    The reason I am laughing my tits off is that I imaging that Whale would do EXACTLY THE SAME THING if his offspring had such a problem. But then then whale needs to stick it to someone so this kid is the unfortunate recipient of some venom.(and teh Whale army obliges with the lynch mob mentaility of it all!

    • If you think Cam would pimp his children with some victim story, you really know nothing about him or his family.

  • Steve R

    Let’s be honest Customer service issue or not a phone ain’t gonna stop the bullies. The article in the paper sure will incourage some special attention .
    Now that I think of it both father and son look like the sort of guys you have a load of fun smacking hahahha

  • Anonymouse Coward

    KEVEN: “The newspaper is coming to take a photograph of me to accompany my sob story. I wonder if washing my hair will make me more presentable? Nah, it will show me as a conformist and detract from my uniqueness as an individual.”

  • Travis Poulson

    Only one way to respond to this.

  • starboard

    bawhahahaha…scum breeding scum..they look like they aint got 2 braincells between ’em

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Hey Raymond, your girlfriend has your cock in her handbag, if you want it back. Daddy won’t be fighting that fight for you.

  • Mr_V4

    So another slow news day in the Waikato then?