Cutting directly to David Shearer’s credibility

David Shearer will be continually double face palming as his own words are hurled back at him.

As Pete George points out Shearer was just last year saying that memory lapses cut directly to John Key’s credibility…he will be wishing he’d never uttered those words:

Under pressure Shearer kept on trying to question Key’s credibility, as this 3 News report shows:

Leader of the Labour Party, David Shearer says John Key has contradicted himself.

Click here to find out more!“What we understand is at that John Key made a direct reference to Dotcom and GCSB’s involvement with Dotcom. That completely contradicts… that he had no recollection of being briefed.” 

Mr Shearer says he is not making accusations, he is asking questions and wants to see a video taken by a staff member at the event. However he doesn’t know if the video exists and wants someone from the GCSB to come forward and give some answers.

If it exists, he says John Key should release the video to clear up what has happened once and for all.

“This cuts directly to John Key’s credibility, he keeps forgetting things.”

John Key was supposed to remember a video that never existed…David Shearer’s bank account existed and he forgot that it contained over $50,000….how credible is that?


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  • Pete George

    This is a double barrelled shot in own foot. It’s not just an embarrassment about double standards on memory lapses.

    This has also now put the spotlight on Shearer’s wealth. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that if a $50k plus bank account slipped his mind every year then it might just be chicken feed to him. What Shearer is worth could have an impact on his support from the left, and how much Labour can attack Key for his wealth.

    Shearer is now in a difficult situation.

    If he keeps his level of wealth a secret then speculation will condemn him on that count.

    If he reveals his level wealth then knowldeg will condemn him, particularly amongst an important Labour demographic.

  • BJ

    To use a quote from Shearer directed at John Key “everything up till now just doesn’t stack up” David.
    Either a long forgotten loose change stash or an active account. Funny how much can now be made of this – ‘boot on other foot’ now.

  • Joe Bloggs

    still there’s a bright side for Labour – they’ve just found someone who can single-handedly bail them out financially

  • Vlad

    His financial judgement takes a bit of a hit too. If he has left 50K plus in a US account since 2009 he has taken a 20% hit on exchange rate changes. No wonder the left is hopping up and down about the exchange rate. And is this an active account? Is he still accumulating offshore money? Where from? Nice fat UN bonuses or pension payments off the global teat? And the story remains live while he still stonewalls on how much is in there. I am guessing $74,600 US (LOL) We should run a sweep on how much it is.

    • rangitoto

      He knows he is better off leaving it there anticipating making a fortune when Russel cranks up the NZ$ printing presses

    • RightOfGenghis

      Let’s cut to the chase. We are talking about a lot more than 50K. He left it there because it offered some pecuniary advantage. He could afford to wear exchange rate fluctuations. Where there is smoke…

  • BigDes

    Meh, Garner’s getting a grilling from listeners about giving him a free ride, reckons he’s going to sort Shearer out in an interview at 4.45. Popcorn please…

    • Sounds as though there’s actually more than $100k in Mr Shearer’s little forgotten fund. I sure wish that I suddenly remembered where I’d parked a spare $100k!

      • Travis Poulson

        You’re more than welcome to park it in my account and forget about it. No worries at all.

      • geoff3012

        As father Ted always said “it was only resting there” !

  • Jerkear

    Labour are like kiwi cricket team, had a leader for nine years who looks like a man(Fleming,Clark), doesn’t do any good so goes overseas. Replaced by someone who has been there too long and still hasn’t done any good(vettori, goff) and they step aside. kiwi cricket team then fires their skipper(Taylor). Your time is up sheep