David Fisher, Tim Murphy, THIS is how you do a genuine apology

—–Original Message—–
From: Todd Scott
Sent: Tuesday, 5 March 2013 2:09 p.m.
To: Duncan Garner
Subject: Duncan, I am really sorry.

Hi Duncan,

I just wanted to drop you a personal apology for that egregious headline and article yesterday! When it was brought to my attention, I ordered its immediate removal from the site. I am sincerely sorry for any stress that it caused you and your family!

We have one of the best resourced, business focused news rooms in the country. Our readers deserve better than what was served up yesterday by Jock Anderson.

On a personal note, I wish you every success for the new show.

Todd Scott – Publisher
The National Business Review

This is not an apology  


and this isn’t one either


Good on Todd Scott.  We all stuff up sometimes.  It’s the way you put things right that shows the character of a man.

Hope Jock Anderson gets to come out from under his desk soon.


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  • That’s a very good apology. But Duncan Garner hasn’t been at all gracious in accepting it. First he’s all over Twitter and then he published it verbatim on the Radiolive web site, and there is no sign of him accepting it at all, let alone with any degree of grace.

    Good on Todd Scott. Once again the righties show how to do things properly.

    • In all fairness to Duncan it was a pretty horendous and upsetting error; I’m not sure I would be too quick to accept the appology either.

  • Rat

    It doesn’t look like Jock Anderson has apologised at all…It was his Boss

  • fecnde

    Whats the problem with the second twitter one? Did he then go on to show it wasn’t meant? On the face of it – that one tweet – looks like a pretty fair attempt at an apology

    • It was provided under duress. #wehaveamole

      • fecnde

        ah ok. the words themselves looked fine. I wondered if there was a bigger context