Disgusting – union uses kids again

TV3 screencap

TV3 screencap

The scum NZEI are delighted they have Novopay.  They can bash the Government and use kids to get a bit of sympathy.

Well, I call bullshit on the unionists.  

Check out this report from Campbell Live, about kids going on “strike” in support of the poor teachers.

You’ll see the presenter has had his script intro written entirely by the NZEI.

Any decent teachers would rather the kids were in school learning, but not these bastards.

Note how when the kids were asked what the most important part of a school was, they say “teachers”.

Will this brainwashing ever stop?

And while the NZEI were very clever to pull the strings in the background on this story, they let slip by giving the kids NZEI placards to hold up (at 2:29)

This union needs to be stopped. They make me sick. And if their journo friends won’t expose them, then I’ll make sure that the truth gets out there.


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  • surfisup

    Kids are only hurting themselves.

  • Dan

    I thought you understood how asymmetrical warfare works?

  • I wouldn’t worry about it, most people will know the kids are being manipulated by the teachers and will react accordingly. With equal amounts of raised eyebrows and disgust.

    • 4077th

      You give far too much credit for the intellectual capacity of “most people”. Turns out a lot of most of the people still thought it was a good idea to vote Labour or Greens or even for that matter Winston First.

      • Well I think that thanks to the internet and blogging politicians, unions, churches etc etc now have to be more circumspect because what they say can now be checked and verified (or discounted) almost immediately.

        What this means is people are now more weary and more questioning of anything said by anyone then at any-time in history.
        Something the unions haven’t quite got their heads around yet.

        • 4077th


    • AnonWgtn

      I fully expect that these children’s mother are Teachers.
      Poor children to have to live with this stigma.

  • Was talking to a couple of teacher friends last week. They say the old Novapay problems at their school are not getting getting sorted and that more new problems are arising each week. They do not believe the system can be fixed and made to work saying the problems are systemic and not human input errors. I would not be sitting back quiet if my pay was mucked up like that. I think they have been quite patient given that this has been dragging on so long now. I don’t see this as the ‘bad union’ being bullies. The problem needed to be firmly addressed last year already. It has been another Hekia mismanagement. It looks like Stephen Joyce is finally going to act on it – but it has taken too long. I value teachers and they have been given the short end of the stick on this one. This clip is about parents taking action and I say good on them.

    • Saccharomyces

      That’s funny, because I was talking to some teacher friends in the weekend, and they were saying that it was all a big beat-up, and that there were only a (very) few errors, and had mostly been sorted……

      • So were the teachers you were talking to suggesting that Joyce is over-reacting to hint that Novopay may have to be scrapped and the old payroll provider Datacom reemployed to take over?


        • Saccharomyces

          No, because we didn’t discuss it that far….. the conversation pretty much went:

          Me: “how’s this novo pay thing going”
          Them: “it’s not as bad as it sounds, we’ve had a couple of problems, but it’s all sorted so far…. not sure why there’s being such a big deal made out of it.”
          Me: “oh, sweet as then”

          • Foxhound

            Teachers pay is generally OK – it is support staff, caretakers, relievers, unit holders etc who are getting stuffed around. At my wife’s school 50% of staff had errors in the first pay period of the year. Not to mention Kiwisaver or TRS not getting through. They might want to check their bank accounts closely as often it is correct on their payslip – but not in their bank account.

      • Foxhound

        Were they in a private school Saccharomyes?

        • Saccharomyces


    • AnonWgtn

      As I have commented before there is a dilemma inside Wellington where in having to report in the review that a large part of th problem is the wages clerks, who being mainly retired Teachers may understand the complex vaguaries of Teachers pay, but lack the computer skills to input to the Novopay system.
      But it must be realised that Novopay appear to have made the system, but designed not with the input clerks in mind.
      In computer terms this is not unusual. Great system – if you understand how to use it.
      Teachers Unions have said a couple of weks ago that at last count 45 pay clerks have resigned and may more are expected.
      Perhaps this proves an important part of the point.
      How you say such as this in a Wellington based PC report is beyond me.
      I spent a few years teaching elderly men, principally, not to be afraid of the keyboard and to show them how to use systems in their jobs.
      Many retired early, and I think this has similarities.

      • Macca

        Well said. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if 90% of Novapay problems were sabotage! The left and the media have to have something to try and get the current government on because lets face it, they are pretty squeaky clean in comparison to the muck that could and should be dragged up on a daily basis on the opposition but won’t even get any air time!

        • Ururoa

          Oh come on, so the school admin staff are purposefully screwing up their workmates pay? That would go down like a cup of cold sick in the lunchroom!

          Any DECENT software designer/developer knows you have to build the interface specifically for the people who will be using it. Novopay/Talent2 are clearly a bunch of expensive bullshit artists who over-reached; MOE should be demanding a full refund and penalties out of these incompetent wankers.

          • Saccharomyces

            “MOE should be demanding a full refund and penalties out of
            these incompetent wankers” – well that would depend on if there were KPI and MSL requirements and penalties written into the agreement, by Labour…..

          • Foxhound

            Agreed – National are gutless….just stretching it out deliberately to irritate teachers. Hopefully they will lose the election on their non action and general poor and destructive education policy.

        • Foxhound

          Oh please….give me a call and I can introduce you to the staff of one school with an incredible school secretary who has not made one input error, yet consistently has to fix the output from Novopay 5 days before the pay round goes live. What a dickhead Macca.

          • Macca

            Well lets not get personal Foxhound! For you to be wishing National to loose the next election and hence subject NZ to a term of rudderless Labour and Communist, clueless Green policies just shows what a true fuckwit you really are!!!!!!
            In a nut shell, this whole debacle is yet another failed and poorly planned Labour policy from their 9 year nightmare which once again, National are having to try and clean up – lets also look at the billion dollar balls up called Kiwirail as another quick comparison – and your fucken idiot then finance minister Cullen called it an investment!!!!!!! I was under the impression investments made money!

            The old pay system was a nightmare and sure the Novapay system is having problems which hopefully are closer to being solved than not, but teachers marching in streets and brain washing kids is not helpful when National are trying to rectify the fault. Like you, they should just stop whining, shut the fuck up and deal with it!!!!! TWAT!

          • Foxhound

            So lets go back to your point which said that ‘I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if 90% of Novapay problems were sabotage!’ If there was a contestable tender process Labour were perfectly entitled to select Talent 2 as a provider – their track record elsewhere is satisfactory. The problems is that they have not met any of their milestones under National (not Labour) and despite knowing there were bugs in the system – Foss, English and Parata all approved it to go live when they did not have too. They will be lucky to get away with 100,000 personal grievance cases which I understand may happen. Ha ha ha ha

    • Dion

      Do you support them involving children in their pay disputes?

      If I hadn’t been paid, I’d be pissed off as well – but this sort of behaviour is highly unprofessional.

      • I certainly dont support children being used in this way, but it doesnt seem clear to me that this is a union initiative – maybe I am missing something? It looks like some parents wanting to do something to try and help the teachers.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Is there another job any where….where the employees get to tell their employer, how they will work (national standards, NCEA), when they will work (read their employment agreement), what they will do all day (cariculum), where they will work (Christchurch) or how they will get paid (novopay)??????

    • parorchestia

      You’re right. I was dumbfounded when I saw a copy of their collective agreement. Here were workers telling the boss all those things you mentioned PLUS the maximum size of classes (26). The document was amazing. What have we become when the foxes rule the hen house.

  • peterwn

    I was disturbed when i heard a secondary teacher told the kids his views on internal school politics – I always thought that the school staff (including the office person and caretaker) were supposed to be cohesive in the eyes of the kids. Matters concerning teachers and employers should be the same – not aired in front of the kids. The teacher in question – he crossed the line somewhere else and the principal ensured he took early retirement.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    The average kid couldn’t give a shit about Novopay … unless he or she is told to. Union scum.

  • rightoverlabour

    I am a teacher. This is essentially child abuse. I would be withdrawing my kids from that school the next day. Novopay is a mess, probably unfixable, but who knows. Parading kids around with placards is not going too fix anything, nor engender any sympathy. Typical, brainless NZEI posturing.

    • Richard McGrath

      That was my gut reaction. This is child abuse.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Labour and the Unions work in mysterious ways.
    Programing at the low level

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I used to love teacher only days at school, yay union for another day not learning

  • Foxhound

    Any job out there where people would go to work despite not been paid properly for months – wouldyou do that johnbronkorst?

  • Mr_V4

    It is their own fault for having such a ridiculous pay-scale system in the first place. Full time teachers should be paid monthly on a set date, relief teachers and others working more irregular hours can be paid fortnightly.