DOC, Green Taliban, everyone, take note! Cows are good for the climate [MUST WATCH]



Via the Tipline: Antony Watts at Watts up with That? says

Imagine, shooting 40,000 elephants to prevent the land in Africa from going to desert because scientists thought the land couldn’t sustain them, only to find the effort was for naught and the idea as to why was totally wrong. That alone was a real eye opener. Every once in awhile, an idea comes along that makes you ask, “gee why hasn’t anybody seen this before?”. This one of those times. This video below is something I almost didn’t watch, because my concerns were triggered by a few key words in the beginning. … I want every one of you, no matter what side of the climate debate you live in, to watch this and experience that light bulb moment as I did. The key here is to understand that desertification is one of the real climate changes we are witnessing as opposed to some the predicted ones we often fight over.

I like to add my recommendation that this is a Must See video, no matter what you think about Climate Change currently.


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  • cows4me

    Oh dear the Melon arseholes aren’t going to take this well and treasonous National Party should hang it’s head in shame. Farmers in this country have always maintain that huge amounts of carbon are stored in our pastures and soils but no our idiot fucking overlords are more then happy to claim that we are the scourge of the planet. First thing that should be dumped is the fucking bullshit carbon taxes then Nick (fuck it’s getting hot ) Smith and his two bob mate Cluckman should be shown the door

    • Liberty

      National is not the worry.
      It’s the Green Taliban with their one house cow farming policy that is of concern. Having a 1000 plus herds of dairy cows on the Canterbury plains can only be beneficial.

  • Mike

    This won’t go down well with the moonbat greenies and the looney left. Come on now, teaching people how to manage/restore the grasslands and increase food production? If this happens then these people might stop thinking of themselves as victims deserving a handout, and start taking charge of their own lives. Once that happens these people might stop voting labour or greens, can’t have that now can we?

  • Mr_V4

    Glad you have picked this up, this is devestating to the Greens ‘fence everything off’ mentality and also the notion of ‘settled science’. Thankfully this guy was open minded enough to realise that the ‘prediction’ of what would happen didn’t match up with the observation of what was actually happening. In other words he did proper science.

    Interesting thing now is is this ‘bare land’ responsible for the slight temperature increase the globe has experienced recently (although not in the last ~16 years), rather than CO2 plant food. I think there is a strong likelihood that this will at least make up a portion of whatever ‘human’ caused warming was seen.

  • Carwyn

    I wonder what this means for our high country land given that the tenure review process is placing so much of it in DOC’s hands and therefore no longer being grazed. Would be interesting to study that to see if a similar process is beginning to happen here.

    • JC

      The difference here is plenty of rain in the tussock lands plus much of these were originally in forest. Close off the tussock from livestock and pests and you have a good environment for low native forest or some of the most productive land around for exotic trees like Douglas fir.


  • Solidarity

    Outstanding TED session. WOW!

  • I have just done the numbers while watching this video.

    According to In 2010, New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions were 71,657.2 Gg CO2-e. The four emission sources that contributed the most to this increase in total emissions were road transport, dairy enteric fermentation, agricultural soils, and public electricity and heat production.

    According to
    A gas flight on 26 February 2013 measured around 600 tonnes per day of SO2 (sulphur dioxide), and 1,950 tonnes per day of CO2 (carbon dioxide) from White Island

    Thats 196.32 tonnes of CO2 per day by us

    and 1,950.00 tonnes of CO2 per day by White Island

    Bugger the Prius it’s no help at all.

    • disqus_64YemE0NEJ

      Unfortunately your calculation is out by a factor of 1000.
      71657 Gg (giga-grams) is 71657000 Mg (mega grams, aka 1 tonne), which would put our daily usage at 196320 tonnes (roughly 100x white island)

  • Andrewj

    Interesting, I wonder how the high country in the south Island, that Helen/Cullen retired is doing? I will have a look next time I’m down

  • Jman

    Absolutely fascinating. I’m not sure if this has too much relevance to NZ as of course NZ was originally completely covered in rainforest and we never had large herds of grazing animals on our land, plus we still get so much rain (current drought nothwithstanding).

    However I would love to know what the Chinese make of this. The desertification there is a serious issue and they certainly have the money to implement his recommendations on a large scale.

    • Ronnie Chow

      I’m in Japan right now , where the dust blown from Chinese deserts in this season leaves a yellow film on your vehicle and creates a haze like a thin fog , with brilliant orange-red sunsets .

  • Hazards001

    Same old same old though. At around 12mins we get the ephiny but also prior to that the “if we burn we release carbon into the atmosphere and introduce climate change” I repeat, the fucking climate has always changed and fires have always happened.
    This guy went to University to discover what farmers have know for 5000 years? The earth needs tilled to revitalise itself…fuck me sideways, I’m completely amazed.

  • Troy

    The toxic greens have always thought they were the experts and self-appointed green police but the problem is that they are not believable. Often their policies are not well thought out, lack substance and play on the emotive issue of anything green or climate related. Fact is they live in a world of their own where everything is all chirpy and well… in their own world… this means anything real or that lays outside of that is bad and evil. The fact also that people believe them is astounding…. stupidty attracts stupidity and we just have to accept that.

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