Dodgy ALP ratbag deserves a good stretch in the cells

Right now in NSW it is death by a 1000 cuts on dodgy ALP ratbags. And the biggest ratbag of all is Eddie Obeid.

Eddie Obeid’s claims to a corruption inquiry that he played no part in his family’s business interests have been contradicted by his private diaries, which list scores of meetings with Sydney’s most influential people, some of whom did deals with companies tied to the former Labor minister’s family.

”I’ve repeated that dozens of times and I’ll repeat it again. I have not been involved in the business for 25 years!” Mr Obeid angrily told the Independent Commission Against Corruption which has been investigating allegations that he and his family made a $30 million profit from an allegedly corrupt government coal tender presided over by the now disgraced resources minister Ian Macdonald.

But contrary to his evidence, Mr Obeid’s diaries, recently tendered at the inquiry, paint an extraordinary picture of business dealings, including with a number of key business associates of the Obeid family.

Property developer Rocco Triulcio is shown to meet Mr Obeid regularly at a ”car wash”, at Latteria, a coffee shop in Darlinghurst, or, on one occasion, at a wharf in Cabarita.

ICAC has heard that Mr Triulcio used his accountant to disguise his purchase in 2008 of a Bylong property next to the Obeids before the government announced it would grant a coal exploration licence over the area.

The Obeids and Mr Triulcio also have property development projects in the Ryde area of Sydney.

The Obeids have denied having a secret share in the Elizabeth Bay marina but Mr Obeid’s diaries reveal frequent meetings with the half owner of the marina, Michael Dalah. The other half is owned by the Obeids’ family friend, real estate agent Joseph Georges, who has denied he is a ”front” for the Obeids.

Mr Dalah also has a catering company, Laissez-Faire, which has secured a number of cafe leases in government buildings, including the State Library of NSW, the Australian Technology Park and at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Mr Obeid’s diary shows that in August 2007 he met Mr Dalah and solicitor Rob Hugh about the State

Library cafe. In early February 2008, Mr Obeid’s diary records an 11am meeting with ”Steve Dunn/Dalah” also about the State Library cafe.

It goes on and on and one. Eddie Obeid deserves a good long stretch.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    …or just stretch his corrupt neck…

  • Dave

    The Obeids, Tripodi and their middle eastern clan are as corrupt as. Wherever they go, there is a trial of less than honest dealings. After the ICAC hearing, i cant wait for the Australian Tax Office to get their teeth into these corrupt Labourites and tear them apart. Eddies son Moses has learnt well, he managed to rip the NSW taxpayer off for over 10 mill, money that has dissapeared.

    It’s also interesting 2 former NSW premiers, Carr and Iemma are both distancing themselves from the Obeid corruption.

    • le sphincter

      And the NSW liberals arent corrupt ?

      Ever heard of Robert Askin. The whole cabal around Beilke Petersen were corrupt as well.

      Cry me a river about bent aussie politicians

      • le sphincter

        We have allready seen one corrupt Liberal MP bring down the Victorian Premier, a person of impeccable credentials

        • Dave

          Get with the program Le Spinc Robert Askin died almost 30 years ago, and whilst there was persistent unproven rumors he was corrupt NOTHING WAS EVER PROVEN Le Spinc!!

          Jo Bielke Petersen was QLD premier, the old National party, and again, ALEGATIONS brought him down. You should also remember he was a KIWI born in Dannevirke, (god help him).

          To the Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu stood down, he was not guilty of anything. Again get with the program.

          To NSW Labour, Thomson before the courts, Obeid up in front of the ICAC, Tripodi forced out, Add in Ian MAcDonald, Roosendaal, and a dollar to a knob of Goat shit, they are all guilty. Then Belinda Neal and Della Boca’s Assault case – Yup, NSW labour is pretty fucked Le Spinc

          • le sphincter

            You missed the point about Victoria- the premier was honest but the MP who bought him down is corrupt- thats the libs for you