Does anyone know what David Shearer Stands For?

Or like Ted Baillieu is he just a good bloke with good intentions who can’t sell a vision to the voters?

It is hard to remember David Shearer standing for anything in particular. He might be against a few things, but he doesn’t seem that convinced that asset sales are a bad idea, and hasn’t made a compelling argument like Russell Norman for why they are. This leaves the impression he is reflecting what the polls are telling him, not what he believes. 

John Key has been in power for four years, and Labour haven’t yet managed to hold him to account properly. They haven’t managed to show his principles are out of touch with New Zealand’s principles. Or that John Key’s vision is not a common vision with New Zealanders vision.

Shearer needs to tell us what he stands for, and what his vision is. At the moment he is just a good bloke who we don’t really know.

If he can’t explain simple things like that then someone else will. The only question that remains is how long will it be before Grant Robertson acts. He has taken the first step towards leadership…he is shedding the kilos.


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  • Rodger T

    Ahhh ummm eerrrrrr ohhhh eeeeeeee, articulate elocution,yeah thats it!

  • Pete George

    “At the moment he is just a good bloke”

    Is he? Or have we just bought into the PR on him. It’s rare for him to reveal his character beyond the bumbling and recited lines, but I’ve seen glimpses of a not such a good bloke.

    I was quite surprised by his manner on Back Benches last year, he came across as arrogant and condescending when tried some old fashioned male-type domination over Nikki Kay (who held her own despite his overbearing attitude).

    And he didn’t seem all that good-blokish when he dealt to David Cunliffe after the Labour conference last year, he came across more as a fly squasher sort of bloke.

    • Macca

      He’s only a ‘good bloke’ because that’s what the media keep portraying him to be by hiding the truth. Underneath he’s a vindictive socialist who, given the chance, will swamp NZ Inc with more poisonous and financially crippling policies similar to the last time they had a crack ie. WFF, student loans – lets just add the cost of those two policies each year!

      • Morrissey

        He’s not a “vindictive socialist”. He’s not strong enough and resolute enough to be truly vindictive. And he’s certainly not a socialist.

        • Pete George

          One of the main complaints about him at TS is that he is not socialist enough, that he is just another (along with the Labour caucus) still pushing the neoliberal agenda.

        • Macca

          I’m sorry! How the hell can he not be a socialist when he is;

          a/ in the Labour party
          b/ aligned with and supporting the unions, Greens and UN

          c/ pushing and supporting socialist policies such as the living wage
          Let me think …. Labour = Socialism, National = Capitalism, or have I missed something here? How can he not be a socialist?!

          • Cadwallader

            In a partial defence of Shearer, he and his stupid party do not really have policies as that term is generally understood. Labour have an ongoing flow of criticisms of the government which seem to float in the air with all the resolve of a thistledown. I agree he is a socialist but not one which totes anything resembling a policy. What Labour spouts is envy, disdain for individual effort and personal sovereignty, and a deep wish to squander tax monies…they are superfluous pricks in other words.

          • Liberty

            You have B/ slightly wrong
            B/ At the beck and call of the unions. Greens and UN

          • Patrick

            & worked for the UN – the biggest socialist outfit in the world

        • Liberty

          ” And he’s certainly not a socialist.”

          Then why is he Shearer the leader of the Labour party?

          because labour doesn’t have anyone else is not the answer.

  • A1

    Was wondering the same thing myself. But then what do Labour stand for…. who would know.

    • Pete George

      Their main aim seems to be to destabilise Government and do what they can to sabotage the country (when they’re not destabilising and sabotaging amongst themselves).

      • A1

        A cancerous negative force? Sounds about right. As I see it, only a confused person would vote for Labour these days.

        • Hazards001

          The bludgers the lazy the self interested (IE the gays) the whack jobs that believe in AGW and wind farms as a solution…they’re not confused..they are very clear on what they want. They want someone else to pay!

    • Patrick

      Pretty simple what Labour stands for – wealth redistribution, taxing rich pricks & giving to their mates to ensure their votes, they call it a fairer society, most recognise it for what it is, Communism

  • Cadwallader

    Labour doesn’t stand for anything! Its members are only about decrying all the government does, dragging down enterprise, high-spirits and progress. Labour is not a considered opposition, it is a delinquent gang of nobodies going nowhere other than down their shit-strewn highway to oblivion.

  • Lion_ess

    Maybe, he’s just United Nations seat warmer.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Someone once said…”If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. shearer certainly has fallen for every ridiculous policy con job going, or has he just thought we will? He has all the spine and fortitude of an unset jelly.

  • unitedtribes

    He was for keeping state assets until he discovered the majority of NZ wasn’t so now is a bit uncertain if he’s for or against. What he dose want is to join Len Brown and build slums in Auckland. He’s very clear on this one. He also thinks building old railway carriages in Dunedin is a good idea. The only other thing he really stands for is getting some votes back from the Greens. This is the biggest factor in why no one actually knows what he stands for.

  • steve and monique

    A piss,and not much else

  • Dave

    It is actually very simple. David stands for anything that anyone else in Labour (and the Unions) says that makes sense at the time. Of course, he also takes the opposite stance on anything John Key says. No leadership, No policies, no strategy, but a leader of anything opposition forever. Long may he reign in opposition. Its a bit like drinking Clayton’s isn’t it. “The political party you have when your not having a going anywhere”

  • seriously, who cares?

  • I’m not sure he even stands for a piss