Dot Con takes one in the chook

Today the Court of Appeal handed Kim DotCon a spanking, which is an image that requires me to bleach my eyes.

Kim Dotcom has lost the latest round of his extradition battle with US authorities.

A court has ruled the US does not have to hand over the source documents it relies on in its extradition case against Megaupload founder Dotcom.

The Court of Appeal has overturned a High Court decision that ordered the disclosure of the documents that are the basis of the case against Dotcom.

The court said extradition hearings were not trials and the full range of protections and procedures for criminal trials did not apply to extradition. 

The US government can summarise its case in a streamlined procedure. The judge deciding whether to order extradition has to be satisfied that there is a case to answer.

If the court wants more information it should, in most cases, ask the Justice Minister to request it from the overseas authorities who want the person extradited.

The extradition hearing has not yet started. Justice Minister Judith Collins refused to comment while the legal process was ongoing

Good stuff…hopefully we can soon be rid of the meddlesome German fraudster.

It should be one way traffic now for Dot Con…I might throw a farewell party at Auckland airport when he leaves.


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  • Blue Tim

    Great news

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    So nice to see the nasty elements of this country are dealt a blow every single day. May be Gods have started to look at NZ kindly….

    • Lion_ess

      Perhaps He’s got more time on his hands, now that Pope Fuck-you-Mother Fucker has retreated to his holiday house to become a pilgrim?

      • Dave

        Rumour has it the Pope has not retreated to his holiday house to become a Pilgram, but has retreated to his holiday home to meet with young pilgrims

  • Steve R

    I’m sick of hearing about the fat cunt. Let him acuse Obama of being a lier and see how far he gets When will kiwis wake up to the fact that he will never give us fast broadband for free.
    Ps anyone that puts his arm around Len brown and smiles has got to be a big fat fucking cunt

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Len will do anything – anything, to suck up to the MSM. He has men with a chrome plated shovel picking up his shit and putting it in a chrome plated wheelbarrow

    • Troy

      Yup let us be rid of the lard of a parasite on NZ. This kraut has leached enough out of our lifestyle by cornering the MSM when they should be concentrating on other things (like the corruption within the Labour party etc). The sooner this prick is out of NZ the better, may he rot in some prison on a bed of nails, i’m sick of hearing about this wanker.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Now as much as I dislike the lifestyle of Dotcom (socialist gatherer and distributer after he milks it) I still think he has done nothing wrong – just provided a service that people pay for.
    Bit like a Council

    • P1LL

      He has been stitched up and our courts / spy’s and government have been taking it up the ass from the FBI & the US government.

      How can someone defend themselves when the accusers will not disclose their case ?

      Cam I know you despise the man but look how the justice system here in NZ is being played by the American Govt & the Hollywood big boys.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Like the man or not.

      This who thing has a very nasty smell about it. The Government, Police, FBI, US Administration, Hollywood. This does not feel right at all.

      Remember he has not broken any NZ laws and the main one he is accused of, is not illegal in NZ. I may not be a lawyer, but I can smell a setup when it is happening.

      • Not the point really. When you have an extradition treaty with a country, and that country charges a person, and then you extradite that person. It has nothing to do with the fact he has done nothing wrong *here*.

    • Liberty

      “I still think he has done nothing wrong ”

      It appears property rights is not
      your strong point.

      • Dave

        Liberty – he provided a service, people paid him to use it, they used it to break the law, should courier companies and NZ Post be convicted for carrying drugs, copied CD’s and movies. Thought not.

        • Liberty

          Dave you are wrong. If NZ Post new it was carrying drugs then it would be just a guilty.
          It is beyond credibility to suggest that Dotcon was oblivious to what his
          customers were down loading.

  • Phar Lap

    Wait there is more.Just like the Maori claim before them.They are off to the Supreme Court.Maybe they are feeling guilty as alleged.If they are, lets hope the result is 5 NIL against Mr Schmidts.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I use Xtra, they have problems. This Dotcom shit has nothing to do with Xtra, Yahoo.
    There is a big game going on out there and I am a pawn – so are you

  • Greg

    Dot still hasn’t seen Jenny yet.

  • tarkwin

    I like the farewell party idea, I’d be a starter for that.