Dotcom finances and privacy in Hong Kong hide-away


This, from a piece in the NBR yesterday (behind paywall)

NBR Online asked Mr Dotcom why he put one of his Hong Kong companies in charge of Megabox.

“It involves some US artists as potential shareholders and they want a more tax-friendly jurisdiction. That’s why we looked at Hong Kong and Singapore,” he replied.

That sounds dodgy to me, and indeed the NBR consulted their own tax expert on the issue.  

But a source familiar with international tax law told NBR there would be no particular advantage for the US artists if they were shareholders in a Hong Kong-based company controlling Megabox. They would still be subject to US tax.

The Hong Kong setup could potentially benefit Mr Dotcom’s own tax and privacy situation, however.

Once again Dotcon lies, there are no benefits for US artists, US tax law is stringent worldwide, there simply is no jurisdiction anywhere that helps them.  Once again he has lied about the NZ connection…playing everyone for fools including his new idiot CEO who seems to be playing Kim’s Sgt Shutlz:

I know nothing

I wonder what Cactus Kate would make of all this?


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  • Gazzaw

    Distressing to see that NBR’s spelling ability is on a par with the Herald.


  • Patrick

    He lies & lies & lies – the media suck up to him & do not question what he says or does. Qustion is, are there backhanders being paid to facilitate this loyalty?

  • blazer

    this man deserves a knighthood.!

    • Patrick

      add him too a long list of corrupt individuals that have been knighted – Cullen springs to mind.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I think even the most basic person could understand why Kim Dotcom would want to avoid any business dealings with the US and given the way the NZ Government has treated him, here as well.

    That aside all big Internationals do not make any money in New Zealand, all there profits are made in countries where the TAX friendly jurisdictions.

    The concept of TAX refuges is not new. Check out our own rich list.

  • unitedtribes

    Kim Dot Com
    Whale, you keep
    going on that KDC is a lying, thieving, cheating, deceiving fraudster,
    Well, this about describes every other large Company here and overseas with the exception of Gareth Morgan. It also describes adequately every Government, Politician Church Union or Sports club anywhere in the world.
    If you can’t handle KDC you might as well close the rest of the country down as well.

    • Gazzaw

      united tribes – you forgot to include the United Tribes.

      • unitedtribes

        But their not currupt, just thieves and extortionists but will edit it because you do have a point.

        • Gazzaw

          Cheers UT – you’re a gentleman and a scholar!

    • Patrick

      Dot Com is actually a convicted lying, thieving, cheating, deceiving fraudster.
      That being the case why does the media give his so much favourable attention?
      Instead shouldn’t they be exposing what a sham he is? Or is it because the media is so left wing & anti USA?