Dotcon’s lawyer keep on losing. That can’t be good for Kimbo.

A Soundbite A Day Keeps Critisism At Bay

Bad news for Dotcom. His lawyer Ira Rothken loses major case in US on copyright infringement. Dotcom’s is more serious as his is criminal, not civil case.

A major Hollywood court win against the IsoHunt torrent site has been upheld on appeal. In a ruling (PDF) issued this morning, a three-judge panel found that IsoHunt and its founder Gary Fung had illegally induced users to swap copyrighted files.

After seven years of litigation, the site may finally have to adopt some serious filtering. Fung was first sued by Columbia Pictures in 2006, lost his case in 2009, and was slapped with a strongly worded injunction in 2010. That injunction allowed content companies to submit long lists of search terms to Fung that he was supposed to filter for. However, despite Fung’s court losses, IsoHunt today doesn’t appear to be functionally very different from the site that the entertainment industry objected to back in 2006. Searches for copyrighted material readily turn up lists of files with names that strongly suggest they are infringing.

Even if you interpret the data in a light favorable to IsoHunt, there’s no question that the site’s main use was to trade copyrighted material, the judges wrote.

Oh deary, deary me.  This doesn’t look good.  The same legal test, when applied to Kimbo’s child porn, movie and music storage service, won’t put his case in a better spot.

Source: Ars Technica


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  • fozzie2

    ‘kaching’ in the whale till from the Hollywood handlers…….

    • Whatever rips your undies Fozzie

    • Hazards001

      Mealy mouthed jealous little prick aren’t you. Can’t get your hand in the till so think that others that NEVER had their hand in said till got some kind of favour when the truth is they actually contributed to the NZ economy in ways you never will!

  • James M

    There are some very big differences between how Isohunt is operated and how Megaupload was operated.

    for one Isohunt hasn’t given any access open/administrative services to copyright holders while Megaupload did. they allowed those such as Sony to freely delete infringing files. Sony made the stupid choice at the time to delete what ever they could poke a stick at, this included matreial they held no rights to.

    Sony quickly lost the rights to open access to Megaupload after that stunt, i believe they ended up in court due to damages they caused.

    in the mean time other copyright holders didn’t muck this up and continued to have free access to remove of pursue infringements.

    I understand whale that you have a grudge for Kim and like yourself I disagree with piracy. But his business model hasn’t been as bad as most others out there that seem to be untouched by the long arm of the law.
    We’ll see what happens in time.

  • JonathanP

    Had the government and the GCSB not screwed up and spied on a citizen they possibly could have already extradited KDC but because he IS a citizen his case here needs to be dealt with first, then the yanks can lock him up and throw away the key (we all know this is what will happen regardless when he gets there).

    • Hazards001

      He’s a citizen? I thought he was a resident?

      • JonathanP

        My apologies, your correct, but that still affords him the same rights so my previous comment regarding the NZ case stands.

  • Mr_V4

    Careful what you wish for I’d say on the ‘copyright’ front?
    Does Blogger = “online news clipper”.

    Only a matter of time if you let copyright bullies have their way. Tick tock.