Earth Hour – Lights still blazing at the Whale Cave

It is Earth Hour and the weirdos and media are all lapping it up. Meanwhile I have all the computers, stereo, lights, BBQ and TV running.


A series of public events to celebrate Earth Hour are being held around New Zealand tonight.

The global event encourages people to turn lights and electrical appliances off at 8.30PM as a way to raise awareness about environmental sustainability.

Earth Hour coordinator for the World Wildlife Fund, Rosa Argent, says in central Auckland a group of skaters, BMX riders and cyclists will take to the streets to raise awareness about litter and urban waste.

Hope they don’t run into anything or get run over with their lights off…nice to see the organisers advocating the breaking of road rules to prove their point.

North Koreans experience Earth hour all night, every day. Electricity should be celebrated not used in some pathetic meaningless stunt about global warming.


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  • The rare sight of all my outside lights on at once made for a very festive atmosphere here as we celebrated Edison Hour. Really lifted the spirits.

  • Mr_V4

    Hope everyone remembered to leave all the office lights on also.

  • Cadwallader

    It was all on here…a fist-fuck to greenie losers!

    Lights, music, vehicles…a few Guy Fawkes flash-bangs. It is more than sufficient to love humanity.

  • GregM

    Yup, I’m back home now after giving the tugboat a run up. Some stats:
    900 litres fuel oil used
    2x40kva gensets running full tit, 18Kw floodlights on.

    3 noise complaints
    1 call to coastguard about all the black smoke
    2 overflights by the Police chopper
    8 dozen beers crew wages, bottles put in the council rubbish bin.
    Time for a gin.

    • Might have to use the tug for a Whale Oil party cruise for readers one day

      • GregM

        Yeah I’ve been thinking that too. It’s back in Auckland for survey, then back out on lease for 6 months, but I have no bookings after that.
        Maybe a Christmas pissup / fishing trip or similar ?

        • Travis Poulson

          I concur!

        • Travis Poulson

          I concur!

  • Gayguy

    Turning all the lights on as well as anything electrical seems just as stupid as turning everything off for an hour.

    Just a thought, carry on as usual, use what you use and ignore the whole thing. Seems the most rational thing to do.

    • GregM

      Just a theory, but I reckon with all the greenies turning off their lights… there must be more leccy in the wires for the rest of us. I must do a “toaster test” next time, see if it pops up faster :-)

      • Gayguy

        It just seems a really silly thing to do. Turning all the lights and appliances on that is. Hell it is not even like the people you are trying to piss off will know.

        There will be big write ups in the papers tomorrow saying how successful power off hour was, and they won’t even know that all their efforts were defeated by a few blog contributors.

        • GregM

          Well the whole thing is a load of shit. For example, when the greenies turn off the lights, the generating companies have to scale back generating from mostly the hydro stations. When the hemp heads flick the lights on again, and twitter their loser mates on their I-pads how successful it all was, it causes a big spike in demand which can only be met at instant notice by diesel or gas fired generation. Compare tonight’s electricity usage with last night and tomorrow night and you will see what I mean. Big own goal if you ask me, and by the time environmental vandals such as myself have added my contribution, the whole thing tends to get filed in the ” why the fuck bother ” folder.

          • Gayguy

            I am not saying that the whole power off hour thing is a sensible idea. As you say, there will be no benefit from what they did, None at all.

            But the fact that people get so angry because people want to promote power saving ideas just seems amazing stupid and petty.

            If they want to turn some lights off for a bit, good for them. But I see no reason to seethe with rage (as some seem to be doing) and rail against their actions.

            Just carry on with your life and let them have their thing.

          • Jeremy

            Why don’t you like to recycle? Didn’t watch the news last night but either way most normal people would not know there was an event and you are really losing the plot if you think one day makes a difference in anything. My first post here aswell: feel a bit embarassed to post in this loony “blog”. In any case continue wasting your money in water and power lol really I don’t think anyone cares. PS your boat motor must be pretty shit if it uses that much petrol in a day.

          • GregM

            It’s a 32 metre tugboat weighing 220 tonnes. It burns MGO fuel oil at the rate of 1.6 tonnes per day.
            Welcome to the madhouse :-)

          • RightOfGenghis

            disturbing mental image of gg in a mankini jumping out of a cake on the inaugural whale army tugboat cruise…

      • Tom

        Now theres an idea…. Not Mythbusters, but Tugbusters bahaha

  • Steve R

    oh shit guys i forgot infact had some friends around for a bbq . We had every light on and the stereo going so sorry I missed it
    On the plus side ive used up a spare liter of burbon and 2 liters of coke hic
    and at 2320 in the evening ive made sure all my guests and naibours know both len brown and russell norman are cunts

  • Never in the dark…..

    Every light on in my house tonight too. Wife and visiting daughter were very confused, since I’m normally the one switching lights off after everyone else.

  • Troy

    Let the fucked up stupid Greens think everyone rejoices in switching off stuff – the Greens love to live in a cosy world of thinking they are right and everyone else is wrong if it doesn’t fit their really fucked up policies.

  • Blue Tim

    How can turning the clock back to the Middle Ages be progress? If god had wanted us to continue to live like cave men he wouldn’t have invented the V8