Face of the day

Melissa Bachman and bear take time out of their hunting trip to pose for a photograph.



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  • grumpy

    A Canadian mate of mine who hunts bears says if you shout at a black bear, it will run away……but shout at a grizzly and you just piss it off and it will eat you.

    Next time, sweetie, try a grizzly to show us how tough and brave you are.

    • Michael

      I have heard that too, but doubt I would have the wits about to shout at it :)

      • grumpy

        They say that if a grizzly attacks and you don’t have at least a .44mag pistol, a .338 rifle or a 12g with slugs, the best idea is just to lie down on your face and play dead.

        • blokeintakapuna

          …or run faster than your hunting buddy can…

          • grumpy

            Yep, you can’t outrun a grizzly, they do 30mph and climb trees. Hunt with slow fat bastards in grizzly country.
            However, there is a recent case of 2 deer hunters, both with 44mag pistols who were killed by a grizzly. One was found 80m from the other and the grizzly had 6 .44 slugs in it but still managed to get them both and run another 60m!
            Lets see you get one of those with your bow and arrow sweetie.

  • Greg

    What did the Bear do to her?

  • tarkwin

    I reckon she cocked up and shot a Newfoundland dog. (looks like the one down the road!)

  • cows4me

    Come now Travis you’ll have Mary very upset, how said.

    Been to several talks by Davey Hughes and bear hunting is usually mentioned. Stuff that, you seen the claws on them fuckers. I have a mate who claims he’s off to Alaska to shoot a bear one day, just quietly my money is on the bear.

    • Travis Poulson

      Yes poor Mary, bless her socks.

  • 4077th

    What Bear?

  • LesleyNZ

    Lots of sexist armchair critics today. Let’s see you all take on a Brown bear. Reckon you would all be too scared to take on a bush wildcat.

    • grumpy

      That’s not a Brown (Grizzly) Bear – that’s a Teddy Bear…….

  • surfisup

    For some reason I thought bear hunting was illegal in what I presume is north america.

    Guess not :)