Family First – “there’s a more justified argument for polygamy than for same-sex marriage”

Looks like Family First is making a play for “Bigger” families with their claim that “there’s a more justified argument for polygamy than for same-sex marriage – as a natural institution.”

Family First supports polygamy

Proving that Family First are just strange, they don’t support gay families, whose partners want to marry but do support polygamy…as more natural.

Big Families are OK, Marriage Equality is Not OK.

Do you support the right of people to have more than one mother in law like Family First?


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  • Andrei

    Why do you always distort things Whale?

    Well I know why, gay “marriage” is such a ridiculous thing that anybody who points out the absurdity and/or the dangers of it has to be ridiculed because there is no logical counter to their arguments.

    Marriage is not about having BIG, NANNY GOVERNMENT validating your sexual activity by granting you an expensive piece of paper, it is about people reproducing themselvses and propagating their own culture into the future.

    BIG, NANNY GOVERNMENT on the other hand doesn’t want parents to inculcate their own cultures into their own children but wants the power to propagate BIG, NANNY GOVERNMENT’S own shit and thus has weakened the family structure and continues to do so ar every opportunity

    This is just creeping Marxism

    • Butts_McButts

      It’s almost like it’s possible to make a baby without being married. Thank God that isn’t the case or else your point would be completely undermined, and marriage would be solely what hegemonic religious zealots say it is, and not the wealth-sharing, power-entrenching institution that actual history suggests it is.

    • Butts_McButts

      Also do infertile couples who can’t reproduce have less legitimate marriages than ones that can?

      • Gayguy

        Using the logic that has been put out there by the likes of FF and the fake Christians on here, infertile heterosexual couples should not be allowed to marry because they cannot pop out babies.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Take sex out of the equation . What is religion ? .

  • Rodger T

    In the cloistered world of religious organisations like FFNZ ,rational thinking is just a step too far.

  • unsol

    I’ve said this many times & will say it again – nothing wrong with polygamy as it least it attempts to make honest men out of the 1/3 of married men who cheat….or does it. Would cheaters still pretend to be monogamist or if polygamist would they cheat on all their wives? Not really sure why it was ever outlawed as men have been having children with women other than their wives – from BC to the current day so it is not like it ever ensured fidelity.

    To quote Cher: “The problem with most men is they’re assholes. The problem with most women is they put up with those assholes.”

    Current company (of all the good, decent men & women who don’t cheat or suffer fools) excluded.

  • BJ

    Heres a completely different take – never mind ‘the fear of God.’ If we don’t strive to live a life of integrity – in the next life we will have to deal with the same issues as the last one plus the added burden of the biggest one staring us down big time. As a sexual being – no I’m not talking about the act – it comes back to how comfortable one is in ones own skin – being themselves and not afraid of everyone else – not about acting out. How we go through life – being afraid (of ourselves) – is no doubt the result of some event, even back in the womb, that has had an impact on ones sexuality.

  • P1LL

    who the fuck would want two sets of in-laws ?