First a Coroner, now a Judge. Who the hell do they think they are serving?

Anna Leask at the Herald reports

A teenager on bail when he robbed an 81-year-old woman, breaking her hip and wrist and disabling her for life, has been sentenced to home detention.

But Darren Fidow’s elderly victim wants him jailed and is demanding a harsher sentence.

Patricia Sutcliffe’s hip and wrist were badly broken when she was robbed in 2011. She was in hospital for more than three months, is in constant pain and can no longer walk without a crutch.

Check this out

Fidow was on bail facing a burglary charge when he robbed her.

In June 2011, Fidow was charged with aggravated robbery. He appeared in court and was released on bail.

Fidow was arrested again in February last year for breaching supervision conditions and was warned and re-bailed.

He was also arrested in June after failing to appear in court. He was remanded in custody after evading police for several months, but released again in July on electronic bail.

Days later, after a scheduled court appearance, Fidow was caught burgling another house. This time he was remanded in custody, but in October, he was bailed again to Odyssey House, for alcohol abuse treatment.

Does this look like someone you give Home Detention to?  

Who are these judges who are asleep at the wheel here?

Judge Phillippa Cunningham / One News

Judge Phillippa Cunningham / One News

They are culpable for the crime spree that has followed every step of this bastard through the system.  The latest judge in this sequence of farcical decisions is Judge Philippa Cunningham.

Judge Phillippa Cunningham sentenced him to nine months’ home detention, to be served at Odyssey House.

She also ordered Fidow to pay Mrs Sutcliffe $600 in reparation.

Judge Philippa needs to drink a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up.

The judicial system is failing law abiding citizens while molly coddling recidivist scum like Darren Fidow

Time for Cunningham to think long and hard about who she is supposed to be serving here.


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  • surfisup

    Pity it wasn’t Judge Philippa on the end of this guys crime. The judge has committed a crime nearly as bad as Fidow.

    • Mr_Blobby

      If you wanted, the most expensive, justice system that was completely ineffective,
      inefficient, you could not do any better than what we have got, in the eyes of
      most people it lost any dignity or integrity years ago,

  • Andy

    $600 for breaking someone’s hip. WTF is wrong with this country?

    • Mr_Blobby

      And no chance of it ever being paid.

      • Andy

        Leaving aside the home detention “punishment”, the fine is of the same order of magnitude as having an out of date WOF and an out of date rego

  • That is disgusting! WTF is wrong with our judicial system!

  • Andy
    • tarkwin

      That is truly terrible, and on top of that I find myself agreeing with the greens! Time for a lie down.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Shit it is bad, when even the green Muppet think you are no good.

    • Kacanga

      Strike 2

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Why isn’t assault automatically jail time?

    And assault on old people should be triple time.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    It’s not surprising that more crime like this is happening when the criminal element see what the miserable consequences are. What a joke. There should be some system where this kind of mis judgement be investigated and if found to be wrong the sentencing judge be held accountable. What is it with shitbag wannabe crims as I was brought up to respect your elders not attack them like a big girls blouse. Maybe it was his upbringing, maybe they lived in so called poverty or maybe he didn’t get breastfed, what will they blame.

  • GregM

    An elderly lady who has helped to build NZ gets bashed and robbed by a feral scumbag.
    She gets pain and lesser quality of life for the rest of her days, He gets to sit in the lounge at odyssey house and play spacies for a few months.
    How about some of these shitbags are bailed to the Judges house for a few days, watch things change overnight. It’s not good enough.

  • Gazzaw

    I have heard two of the victim’s sisters talking on the radio this morning. This is a really tragic case of an active, self-reliant woman walking back to her car after a visit to her hairdresser. She was attacked from behind, her hip broken and her wrist so badly smashed that the bones were protruding from her skin. She spent a lengthy period in hospital and from being a totally independent and mobile woman can now only walk with the aid of a crutch and is unable to drive. Spends the bulk of her day watching TV. As one of her sisters said “Her life is totally ruined”.

    Let’s not forget that Cunningham was the very same judge whose involvement in the Chisty Marceau case contributed to a disaster. Crown Prosecutor Simon Moore is considering an appeal. Let’s hope that it happens and is successful.

    • Marc Williams

      No Gazz, she was the one who let off the “comedian” who sexually abused his daughter without conviction, because “he makes us laugh”. Total waste of space, and obviously beyond redemption.

      • Gazzaw

        Terrible state of affairs when you can’t remember which judge made the bad call because there’s so many of them.

    • Macca

      Hey Gaz I heard one of the interviews with her sister this morning. Are these judges brain dead or just totally clueless? They are so far out in left field its beyond a joke!
      That aside, the thing that made me sit up and listen was that the crown prosecutor (who as we know was totally ignored) was ONLY going for 5&1/2 years for a crime that carried a 14 year maximum!!!!!!!!!!! And he got a 9 month holiday at home to watch videos and play playstation! I hope you can make some sense out of it because I sure as hell can’t!

      • Gazzaw

        Macca, she obviously chose to totally overlook Simon Moore’s arguments. How could she do that? The recruitment system for judges must be completely dysfunctional. If Collins wants to chalk up more browny points then it’s an issue that could be raised and dealt to prior to the 2014 elections.

        • Macca

          Once again I agree with you Gaz Sensible and logical advise seems to fall on deaf ears with these know it all judges – which wouldn’t bother me in the least if they were going to the other extreme! Sadly, until that happens, I can’t see things changing anytime soon!

          What really did concern me though was that guy from the Greens pulling the race card for the in-proportionate numbers of Maori and PI offenders in our jails – a call which came out from the UN the other week! Totally incapable of sorting out any real problems (such as Syria), the UN now have to attempt their social engineering on us! At least the Gweens seem to be learning something – Liebours vote buying methods!

    • Agent BallSack

      In February 2010, the controversial Judge aborted a rape trial she was presiding over so she could go on holiday to Australia.

      This forced the alleged rape victim to give her evidence twice.

    • Agent BallSack

      Newstalk ZB’s Bruce Russell has been attacking Occupy Auckland – and the occupy movement generally – on a regular basis. Yesterday he was frothing at the mouth because Judge Philippa Cunningham declined to issue arrest warrants for the Occupy Auckland activists.

      Six tents remain in Aotea Square despite the protesters being served with an injunction last Friday ordering them to leave.

      Judge Philippa Cunningham however said she was concerned people could be put in jail and not have access to the courts until January 16.

  • Andy

    Fidow is on facebook. You can find him for yourself and make up your own mind. It’s the judge I’d like to thrash, even though he is a low life

    • Agent BallSack

      Outstanding member of the criminal fraternity I see. Either that or he really loves shadow puppeting

      • Honcho

        I could not help but notice from his portraits, that he considers himself to be an affiliate of haemoglobin coterie.

    • Hazards001

      I don’t do facebook. There are enough fucking idiots in my life without letting electronic ones in.

  • rockape

    a friend of mine was deputy procurator fiscal in Scotland. She was raped when walking at night.Not someone you would want to end up in front off in court. Google procurator fiscal if you don’t understand the excellent Scottish law system. One we could do with here.

  • HtD

    This is from Christie’s Law Facebook page. Let’s all write to Crown Law, as Christie’s Law suggest.
    Judge Cunningham you should be ashamed – TOTALLY out of touch – he clearly WAS NOT remorseful – he ran aware, breached bail and burgled while on bail!!!!
    BAIL FAIL – bail breaches rewarded with more bail and then another HOPELESS Judge re…warding a violent attack with 9 months Home Detention – PLEASE!!!!!!!!?????

    The Solicitor General will surely appeal – we could all write and ask them to really politely and rationally please team.

    How much has all the police time and now this appeal (hopefully) costing the tax payers – should have been done right first time – this poor lady xxx

  • peterwn

    NZ should recruit some judges from Singapore.

  • John Parr

    That is a disgusting miscarriage of justice. To the family of the victim I am so sorry that the NZ justice system is laughing at you.

  • It’s not like we’re asking for “Tougher Sentencing” or the return of the death penalty here. All we want is some common sense!

  • Patrick

    Nah – patently the old girl is at fault here, I mean there is no way she should be so rich as to own her own stuff while this little scroat has nothing, in a socalist paradise there will be none of this inequality & therefore no crime.
    Or maybe he is just a bad arse waste of space & should be locked away for years.

  • JeffDaRef

    Next time he needs arresting, send along the cop who pumped a clip into the shark…

  • Mr_Blobby

    Have said it before and will keep on saying it.

    All Judges, Chief prosecutors and local Police chiefs should
    be elected officials.

    If they don’t do the job properly or perform to the standard
    expected by society, then the will be voted out, plain and simple.

    Judges seem to be appointed for life and just run a muck, the
    prosecutor’s office is a local law firm, and seem to likewise be appointed for
    life, and the Police just want to control everything with no accountability.
    The concept of an independent judiciary is flawed when they are not accountable
    to the people.

    A guaranteed recipe for disaster.

    • Andy

      The election of Police Chiefs was a total disaster in the UK. Hardly anyone turned out to vote. I agree that lame duck judges need more accountability, but I don’t know what the solution is

      • Mr_Blobby

        That could be a problem hardly anybody votes in local body elections and look what we have to deal with.

        But it has to be better than a bunch of old fossils, well past their prime and spending their day in some sort of, protected, gaga land. It may not be perfect but at least the people will have the opportunity to hold them to account, at the moment there is no accountability.

        • Andy

          I think the problem with the UK police chiefs elections was that the people standing were largely career politicians, so it was seen as yet another layer of the political class, of which there is an overabundance in the UK.

  • Patrick

    Maybe the judge should have to take out Public Liability insurance