‘Fish Gang’ tightening noose on BSC El Presidente

Patrick Lee-lo

Union like cartels are all alike, and the Building Services Contractors aka BSC is no different.

El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo now has a wee problem on his hands, after abusing his members,  calling them out as “the fish-gang” and thinking they would go away so that he keeps control over  the $1.8 million BSC slush fund for more extravagant junkets.

But when there’s millions of dollars bobbing around in a little bank account it doesn’t take long for the sharks to smell blood.

The tip-line continues to provide a rich source of discontent from BSC members, as they find business tough going and see a share of $1.8 million as a potential life-line. 

So who’s up for a wind-fall if the “Fish-Gang” has their way and wind up the BSC? Let’s take a look at some of their members.

Entity name Total potential win-fall
1 Clean-Net…


2 Compass Group…


3 ISS Facility Services…


4 Paramount Services


5 Professional Property & Cleaning Services…


6 Spotless Services (NZ) Ltd…


7 ToTal Property Services…


8 United Cleaning Services…


Now if I was the GM of Spotless Services I’d be very interested in how to get my hands on nearly half a million dollars. Wouldn’t that be a nice addition to the bottom-line.


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  • Gazzaw

    Spotless has corporate clout and nous to go for the jugular and will no doubt lead the charge.

  • LionKing

    Hell’s bells Spotless should be chomping at the bit to “receive” a $500,000 boost to the balance sheet. Why would any company continue to pay excessive membership fees to an organisation that doesn’t do anything?

    Wonder if this fucktard Patrick Lee-Lo has learnt NFWAB? Somehow I doubt it.

    • cows4me

      Maybe BSC has more then just cash in the accounts. From what I’ve seen and heard union corruption can involve the smoothing of the waters, contacts, backhands vie third parties, union endorsement etc.

    • island time

      I am gob smacked that Spotless parted with such a sum of money in the first place – what were they thinking???

      • Dumrse

        Slow down. Spotless are not the sharpest company in the draw.

        • Anonymouse Coward

          They have a reputation for being mean with their money. I’m sure that they do not went to leave 496 thou lying around under the sofa cushions.

  • DLM

    This has been a great story so far WO. Here’s some more questions.

    1. Isn’t Lee-Lo a manager at ToTal Property Services? If he is, has he shared with his bosses that ToTal Property Services could be in for a $100k bonus by pressing for its winding up?

    2. Are the directors and shareholders of Total Property Services aware that one of their own employees is overseeing a dysfunctional organisation that has had multiple complaints of breaches of its own rules?

    3. Would the directors and shareholders of ToTal Property Services be comfortable in having one of their senior employees regularly appear on NZ’s most read blog in effect bringing damage to their company’s reputation?

    4. What would the clients of ToTal Property Services think when they see the boss-man of their cleaning company running a dodgy organisation?

  • Hillary Green

    Like many, I have watched this exposure of the BSC with great interest and amusement. What I find amazing is that companies seem happy to pay $20,000 in membership to an organisation in the first place. What’s more, thanks to WO, it seems this BSC doesn’t actually do anything worthwhile.

    Maybe this then is the near-perfect type of organisation. Create some industry association, say to companies they should be members because they’re representing the interests of the industry, but they’ll have to pay membership for this; fill a bank account with members’ funds and then use that to travel the world.

    Sounds all too easy. Can I have the job after Patrick has left?

  • blokeintakapuna

    It’s similar to paying “protection money” to some kind of Mexican Drug overlord

  • bobby

    The crazy thing is many/most of the companies in that list are there under duress basically. They had to join or be ruled out of bidding for any govt contracts.

    It’s a scam of epic proportions and I’m sure they’d be happy to see the end of it.