For those who have stocked up on bridges already

The notion that one man can lay claim to all the extraterrestrial bodies in our little corner of the galaxy sounds preposterous.

Yet Dennis M. Hope, 65, of Gardnerville, Nev… believes just that. For three decades, he has built a thriving business by “selling” land plots in space, on places like the moon, Mars and Venus.

Of course, he has no legal authority to do so. How does he get away with this?


He told me that, back when he was a ventriloquist in the days before he “owned” the moon, his dummy taught him a valuable lesson: you can say anything you want to anybody as long as you smile.

I’m sure most people realise they aren’t purchasing a legal title, just the entertainment value that comes from having a semi-official certificate.

Some call him a con artist.

One can argue that he’s part of a hallowed American tradition, whereby land speculators sell plots of useless land on the next “frontier,” from the southern swamps to the western desert.

Or maybe he’s just selling amusing “novelty items” (as his certificates acknowledge, in fine print), like pet rocks, which are perfectly legal.

I wonder if the solution to Auckland’s housing crisis lies within…  It certainly would explain Len Brown’s view that he has lots of sections to sell in Auckland.  He really should have a chat with Martyn Bradbury Real Estate.


Source:  NY Times


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  • Mr_Blobby

    ” No legal authority to do so.” So who does own the Moon. The person who can take it and hold it would have the best claim.

  • Mr_V4

    What do you mean? Even the moon is not as desolate as some of MB real estates offerings.