Francis: The first digital pope



The world is changing and is slowly moving towards a technology-packed generation where man and machine will stay united forever, with unbreakable bonds of reliance of the former on the latter!

The recent proof of that fact was the announcement of the new Pope. Recently, we came across two photographs, one during the election of Pope Benedict XVI and the other during Pope Francis’ election.

As compared to the 2005 photograph, the one captured recently shows a sea of smartphone cameras facing the Pope, eager to capture a glimpse of him!

The same silly thing is happening during concerts now.  Would you pay a couple of hundred bucks to see your favourite artist only to stand there and hold your phone up for an hour or two?


Just eight years ago, the iPhone was still 2 years away from being announced and smartphone photography hadn’t begun its encroachment in the photo world yet.

Fast forward to 2013, and major world events are now being covered by a countless number of digital eyes on the ground.

Go to a concert, a speech, or any location where major news is breaking, and you have a good chance of seeing exactly the same thing.

Sources:  Newlaunches, Petapixel


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  • Joe Bloggs

    Interesting – there seems to be a trend to storing our experiences and our memories externally – why think about something when we can capture it digitally with a hand-held whatever?

    Reminds me of something Andy Clark said: We use our intelligence to structure our environment so that we can succeed with less intelligence. Our brains make the world smart so that we can be dumb in peace

    • I once had a spouse that was a member of a photography club. I used to tag along on outings as they used to go to some cool places to take photos. But it always struck me that I was the only one enjoying the reason for being there. The rest were all farting about with their gear to take a few shots all the while missing most of what was happening.

      One day we came upon something like this sitting on a track

      I had a really good look at it while everyone else was scrambling to get their gear out. By the time it had wandered off, I was the only one that had really had seen it. The rest were still trying to get sorted out.

      Since then I have chosen to experience things instead of record them. I’m just about the only parent at prize givings that doesn’t have a recording device hanging in the air.

      • Oh, and 2nd only to being stuck behind a car towing a horse float is not being able to see what’s happening on stage because some &^*(@$ is holding an iPad in the air.

  • Teletubby

    Two guys next to me at a concert in San Francisco a couple of years ago were merrily recording the concert. Myself and my partner were yahooing and singing along as one should at a rock concert but these guys took exception to that as we were “ruining their recording” in the best traditions of rock and roll we failed to comply with their request to be quiet . They spent the whole night standing there with their phones up and then when their batteries died they went home before the concert even finished. From what I saw they spent no time what so ever actually enjoying the music

  • peterwn

    Pope Francis should update communications for the next conclave – smoke signals indeed! – risks damaging the Michelangelo works. They could just tweet ‘Habemus Papam’, or ‘bother – no luck this time’.