Gay parents and Christian parents are equally as bad

via Salon

via Salon

Lesbian foster parents and Christian foster parents aren’t acceptable to Islam

A lesbian couple and their nine-year-old foster child have gone into hiding because of the row in Turkey about Muslim children being cared for by gay or Christian couples.

The couple have looked after Yunus since he was five months old but his mother has long campaigned for his return. Last week she made an emotional television appeal, leading to widespread debate in Turkey itself.  

Next week, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit the Netherlands and some expect him to raise the fostering issue.

A Turkish parliamentary commission is currently researching the fostering of Muslim children by gay or Christian couples, which they say will lead to them becoming estranged from their cultural background

I bet you didn’t expect Gay and Christians to be lumped in together like that.

Child social services in The Hague say they are extremely concerned about the ongoing debate. ‘The situation means Yunus cannot go to school,’ one official told Nos television.

No direct threats have been made but the family have now been moved to a different address, officials say.

The two mothers have done a fantastic job, one told the Volkskrant. ‘They have explored his ethnic background, visited Turkey and are learning Turkish. But this witch hunt means they are continually being questioned, at school, in the street, in the bakers,’ a spokeswoman said.


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  • BJ

    And so it starts…..
    It should hardly be surprising that the Muslim mother doesn’t want either a Christian or gay foster parent.
    Are mothers in NZ likely to be afforded some say regarding the type of household their adopted out children are brought up in?
    What if adopted children are removed from gay households?

    • Andrei

      Exactly BJ some bureacrats in the Netherlands seized that child and gave it to a Lesbian couple – why d’ya think we need the anti smacking law? Where else da gays gonna get their kids?

      • BJ

        It may well have been a draconian law like anti-smacking that had the child removed – where’s the parents ‘rights’ to have their child back in all of this.

        The segregation of men and women is looming. Predictions of the Insitute of the State is coming. Men and women will no longer come together – for either love or procreation – test tubes, incubated babies and men bringing up boys and women bringing up girls. Oh my – my mind is running away with me.

    • Gayguy

      If you give up your child you get no say in who they go to or how they are raised.

      If you feel that strongly, then keep your kid and be a parent, otherwise stiff shit.

  • thor42

    If his birth-mother is “campaigning for his return”, then **why the f**k** did she give him up in the first place?

    At least the kid has a chance of not being a bloody suicide-bomber now.

    • Gayguy

      So true.

  • Random66

    The real issue here does not really appear to be who has adopted the child, but more the case of the birth mother campaigning to have her child returned. The attached article does not say why the child was removed from her care so it is hard to say if it was for a legitimate reason or not. Arguing that the birth parents aren’t suitable would appear to be her only weapon to have the child returned to her and the media are running the story because of the noise she is making.

    • BJ

      Yes a few more facts would help this have meaning

  • Jman

    ah when leftist victim groups collide, the one thing you know will be in short supply is common sense. Muslims vs lesbians, who wins? If the couple in question were merely Christians it would be easy, since Christians aren’t an approved victim group.

  • Glafkos Thrassakis

    Here is the best article on this:
    Turkey, the North Korea of the Mideast: AKP: Take Turkish children back from gavurs and gays

    “At issue is that the AKP regime feels sacred values[Islam, Turkishness] that uphold Turkish identity are being violated. One of the few Turkish colonists in Europe who actually fostered children, Nejla Buran, sums up the concern: “I think [children] are way happier if they are placed in Turkish families, who speak their language, cook meals like their mother does.”[6] This whole fiasco is because in the bigoted Turkish mind, the issue is not over who is a better parent than the abusive Turkish families, but who is a more Turkish parent. According to a poll by the Reputation Institute, Turks have the biggest gap between their self reported, self-image and their global score(what other parties think of their nation).[7] Within their own sociology Turks associate Turkishness with goodness. A famous slogan of their eternal, fascist leader, Ataturk, that is oft repeated goes: “A Turk is equal to all the world.””[8]

    Basically none of the unprofessional Turkish media or the fanatic AKP politicians seem to care much about the treatment of the actual child, Yunus. It is just pure bigotry from their side. The reporting is narrowly focused on the alleged crime of raising him without Turks or Islam, by a Haraam lesbian couple.