GCSB acted lawfully

This one was quietly slipped out yesterday by the media, all of a sudden it isn’t such big news. The GCSB has acted lawfully in all the other cases that were highlighted as possible breaches.

A review sparked by the Kim Dotcom case has found that the Government Communications Security Bureau did not unlawfully spy on anyone else.

The review of cases dating back to the beginning of 2009 where the Government Communications Security Bureau provided assistance to New Zealand law enforcement agencies has found the Bureau was not in breach of its 2003 Act. 

On October 3, GCSB director Ian Fletcher announced he had referred the cases to the inspector general of intelligence and security, after identifying three instances where there were potential issues.

Fletcher today said the inspector general had concluded that the agency was not in breach of its legislation.

“It has been a very thorough process in which we provided an audit, responded to queries from the inspector general and made available classified material in a secure environment.”

The media who screeched from the rooftops about the investigations seem to have gone all quiet now. I suppose it doesn’t suit their narrative in their attempts to undermine the government like Brian Rudman explained journalists are doing.


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  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Pity we can’t force them to do balanced reporting

    • I have no need for them to do balanced reporting. All I want is for them to declare their hand. “NZ Herald disapproves of the current government and will do everything in our power to bring you stories to support that position”.

      • AnonWgtn

        The so called MSM is still mesmerised with “Ambrose Utu”.
        This is the pathalogical dislike of Key and Banks (and all that follows) following the “accidental” recording of the tea meeting by one of the “chosen” media people, who sold it o the MSM and “accidentally” let Peters have a copy.
        How dare anybody like Key take an action against a media now “celebrity”.
        The media are beyond any legal interpretations – particularly if it is the National Government.
        Ambrose apologised in writing to Key and this was accepted.
        BUT Not forgotten by the media.
        Fancy having a media “celebrity” aplogise to Key.
        “Utu” will prevail even more so prior to the election.
        Even Rudman concedes this bias.

        • TeacherUnionsRscum

          Its funny because they rammed the Teapot Tapes down everyones throats yet nobody cared

          • blazer

            grey power ‘cared’ look at NZ Firsts vote!

  • blazer

    they only acted unlawfully …once!honest,that was their first time!(they got caught)

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Of course they did. The funny police are well rounded individuals keenly aware of the restraint they need to exercise as government body in an open democracy.