Gillard is in terrible trouble, poll disaster in wake of aborted coup

The Courier Mail has released the latest Galaxy poll and it isn’t good reading for Julia Gillard or her government as the purge of ministers continues.


The only concerning part about this is that there are 32% of Australian’s too stupid to notice that Labor is in trouble.

LABOR’S leadership fiasco has trashed the Prime Minister’s brand, with a majority of voters saying unseemly party squabbling has left the highest office in the land badly damaged.

The first opinion poll since last week’s abortive coup attempt shows a huge 71 per cent condemned the ALP’s in-fighting over who should be Prime Minister.

With global economic turmoil swirling and Labor’s promised surplus unlikely to be delivered, the result is a reflection of just how disillusioned voters are with Labor’s squabbling over the leadership.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard called a lightning leadership spill on Thursday after cabinet minister Simon Crean said Labor must act on its growing unpopularity. But her only likely rival, former prime minister Kevin Rudd – whom she rolled in a party coup in 2010 – refused to stand against her, meaning the challenge fizzled out. The whole affair has left a bad taste in the mouths of voters, who see it as little more than an act of self-preservation rather than being about what is best for the country.

The exclusive Galaxy poll asked 1005 voters: “Do you think the Office of the Prime Minister has been damaged by Labor’s leadership instability?”

While 87 per cent of Coalition voters said yes, most telling was that 56 per cent of Labor voters also agreed.

A majority of those polled – 60 per cent – also declared Ms Gillard was now a “lame duck” leader, sticking by their preference for Mr Rudd to take the party to the next poll.

But voters are divided over whether an early election is the answer, with just 44 per cent – only slightly higher than in earlier polls – wanting to vote as soon as possible.


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  • Mediaan

    Am I correct that in Australia you have to vote, by law?

    32% is not bad, between elections.

    Most polls in this country, it would be hard to translate into likely votes because NZers often don’t vote.

    There was one time when H Clark was governing with only 31% of New Zealand behind her. Think it was after the 2005 election.

    That was the one in which Labour and National got almost equal seats in the election. The Specials favoured Labour though, a lot of people overseas having never heard of the Nat candidate as leader but knowing about Clark.

    So did the flighty coalition shenanigans with Winston Peters trying to get all he could, which left the country ungoverned for over a month. (It felt wonderful, being government-less … the sky was bluer, the air was fresher, the birds sang sweeter, people walked with a lighter step.)

    Peters ended up with Foreign Affairs but outside cabinet.

    • Mr_V4

      Their electoral system is a preferential system – 32% primary vote is shocking.

    • Hazards001

      Yes you have to vote by law, in state elections too.

  • thor42

    It’ll be really painful watching the lame-duck Gillard government stagger on until September (which is bloody aaaaaages away).