Gillard mans up to union scum, has bigger balls than John Key

Julia Gillard is prepared to take on the unions, something John key hasn’t yet been prepared to do with his previous Labour minister being in the thrall of them.

Simon Bridges is yet to say or do anything, here’s hoping they find some courage from what Gillard is doing:

Union officials face limits on the number of visits they can make to factories and worksites under the latest changes by the Gillard government to the Fair Work Act.

Big employers, such as BHP Billiton, have complained that unions have been abusing right-of-entry rules and in some cases have made hundreds of visits to their sites. 

It is believed that under the proposed changes the Fair Work Commission will be able to decide if there have been too many visits.

Workplace relations minister Bill Shorten hosted a meeting with employer groups and unions on Thursday to discuss the new proposals along with the government’s already flagged changes around work and life balance.

Those are major changes signalled by a Labor Prime Minister but pathetic in the greater context.

Three simple things need to be done in New Zealand.

  1. Only natural persons can belong to political parties
  2. Only natural persons can donate to political parties
  3. Remove payroll protection for union dues and make the unions collect their own subs.



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  • Fred

    A Donkey’s erect penis is reported to avaerage 18 inches. If thats the case its time NZ’s Donkey showed his and starting slapping the unions around the face

  • blokeintakapuna

    That would be awesome if National did that – as well as enforcing statutory and manditory financial reporting on time, in full, everytime.
    Surely there’s a need for a “Right-wing” union to go head to head with the others?
    Thinking about this for a while now – but surely there’s got to be plenty of people who have joined a union for the “protection” that comes from being a small part in something much larger. These people want the protection, assistance and help when needed – but probably hate it that their monies are spent largely without their input and “donated” largely against their wished to the Labour Party – where they once again have very little say in the matter. Secret ballots are hardly a fair say in how / where their monies are spent… if they even get a secret ballot?
    So imagine a “union” that operates purely as a “union” for the people, doesn’t tell them how or where to vote and is fully accountable in real time to he members for how and where their monies are spent, with funds only being spent on the members – not political parties…
    Surely – that union would also help to erode all the other unions’ membership base – because at present the unions have a “monopoly” on unionism.. and surely they need some decent competition?

  • unsol

    This is ridiculous – something is very wrong with the works when a left wing govt takes a firmer stance on unions than a centre right! Good God.

    • Callum

      She is only slapping the unions now to distract from the fact they were balls deep into her during a lot of the current corruption allegations.

  • Mr_V4

    FFS it is Julia from the Labor party, you know she won’t be doing anything but lie.

  • Patrick

    Hah – Crusher Collins has bigger bals than John Key