Global Warming bites Britain in the arse, freezing weather kills thousands of pensioners

Balmy spring weather in Britain

Balmy spring weather in Britain

Britain is freezing in spring. The warmists still insist the planet is warming, and they want us to attempt to cool it down. Meanwhile the freezing temperatures have killed an extra 2000 pensioners.

When will the f*ckwits who think climate change making the earth cooler is a good thing start to apologise. History has shown us that civilisation flourishes in warm and ebbs away in the cold. Yet they insist on pushing us down the path of cooling the planet.

Freezing Britain’s unusually harsh winter could have cost thousands of pensioners their lives.

This month is on track to be the coldest March for 50 years – and as the bitter Arctic conditions caused blackouts and traffic chaos yesterday, experts warned of an ‘horrendous’ death toll among the elderly. 

About 2,000 extra deaths were registered in just the first two weeks of March compared with the average for the same period over the past five years.

Meanwhile, power cuts and travel disruption will continue to blight Britain today, as more snow falls across the country on another bitterly cold day.

For February, 3,057 extra deaths were registered in England and Wales compared with the five-year average for the month.

Campaigners at Age UK, which says 26,000 people die needlessly in winter every year, said the current weather could prove deadly for thousands more.

Director general Michelle Mitchell said: ‘Colder, harsher winters tend to lead to an increase in life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks and strokes which in turn leads to a high rate of excess winter deaths.

‘For every one degree drop in average temperature, there are around 8,000 extra deaths.’

The Office for National Statistics said the extra death rate ‘could be to do with the prolonged period of cold weather we’ve been experiencing.’

Have you worked it out yet. Cold kills. Global Warming saves lives.


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  • cows4me

    Come on it’s all their fault. If the stupid bloody Poms had given an extra 2 to 3 billion dollars in carbon taxes to the carbon credit exchange all this could have been avoided. 2 billion would have brought a mild winter another billion would have got temperatures above 10c and if you really like the heat 3 billion would have got you a mediterranean winter, such is the madness.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The UK has now got a major power supply problem as has Germany where they have all gone for this huggy huggy Green policy.
    The winter of 62-63 in the UK was HORRENDOUS. In Jersey the salt water swimming pool froze over as hid the surf about 50 yds out.
    I went to Conway that January and we were in Anglesey and it was terrible. We had to run half a mile to get a wash and it was FREEZING

    • tarkwin

      I was in Conway Dec 2012 and it was bloody freezing then, but the bakery there sells mean pork and stilton pies! Worst in years apparently. Had some photos come in from Oldham this morning. Heaps worse this time.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whale Oil – Loser Norman juts called. He wants me educate you that global warming is all about cooling also. He wants to you watch the movie – “Day After Tomorrow”. He says it can go cold or hot, depending on how John Key’s popularity index moves. He will be introducing a 10% carbon tax here in the 2015 budget.

    • Kacanga

      Yes, Global Warming is so Yesterday, don’t you know?

      It’s Climate Change now, so unless the weather NEVER changes, the Melons can blame it on “Carbon”

  • The only thing colder weather is good for is data centres. Let mother nature keep that shit cool. Could even keep those whining greenies happy by using less electricity.

  • kohibruce

    The second coming will be nuclear.

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  • JC

    Amusing really..

    Here’s thousands of pensioners being killed by Govt ideology in best Soviet style and the Left has to agree its a great thing or give up 30 years of the same ideology!


  • Hazards001

    They bought most of this on themselves. They invented PC bullshit and the green wankers and now they pay the price. Until the cocks get their heads out of their arses and go tell the piss moaning vocal minority to pull their heads in they can expect more of the same. Fucking halfwits. Power stations closing down, electricity and gas prices through the roof in a country that has fuck all else they have shitloads of coal and bloody gas..although clearly the biggest supplier of heat is parliament which is full of hot air!

  • Mediaan

    Too many bedrooms, there’s your problem. My mother as a child, there were fourteen kids in the house and three bedrooms, so the kids shared. No heating, just woollies and commonsense. But nobody slept cold.
    Send out trucks to collect all the old pensioners and tip them into shared bedrooms, with all available old woollen coats on the bed.