Good low bastardry from a pommy bastard

He has an evil Australian along to help. No one does evil as well as Rupert.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, held a private dinner with Rupert Murdoch earlier this week in which he suggested he would form an electoral pact with the Conservatives if the Prime Minister stepped down.

He said he will then set out plans to join forces with the Conservatives to fight Labour in the 2015 general election, but only if David Cameron agrees to step down as the party leader, well-placed sources said. 

Mr Murdoch is said to be supportive of Mr Farage’s views towards Europe and his backing for new grammar schools, but more sceptical about Ukip’s stance on immigration. The emergence of the secret meeting is likely to add to the growing pressure on the Prime Minister amid speculation that Cabinet ministers are positioning themselves for future leadership bids.

Cameron is a wet, soft on Europe and needs to go.


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  • Patrick

    Agree Cameron is a softcock but he is hamstrung by the coalition deal with the Libs in much the same way that national has to bend over for its’ partners. The fact he is still entertaining the corrupt socialists in the EU means he has to go.

    Farage & UKIP face the same challenges that the likes of the Greens do – a party of protest trying to morph into a governing party, much easier to shout negativity from the sidelines than to offer constructive solutions.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Cameron and Clegg are two peas from a pod. Public School educated. Uni and then npn jobs. Over Educated and no experience.
    If Farage and the Cons could do a deal then we mioght get a decent R wing Govt in the UK a la Maggie. Then EU look out. Without the UK the EU will eventually collapse.

    • sandynobb

      But what England also and really needs is an Enoch Powell.

      • Amazing how much of what he said in the sixties (and was blasted for) is now coming true.