Good point you raise there Winston, now take your own advice

I’m not sure Winston Peters is the right person demanding that people pay things back when his party still owes the taxpayer around $158,000 in rorted funds.

Winston hypocrisy


I wonder if the 166 sycophants of Winston that liked his comment would also like to dip into their pockets for the excesses of their leader?

Winston demanding people pay things back is like Matt McCarten demanding people pay their tax.

hat tip Keeping Stock


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  • williamabong

    Winston’s mantra – “Do as I say, Not do as I do”,
    In other words pay the money back Winston you thieving prick.

  • Crikey WO; double brownie points for harpooning Peters and McCarten in the same sentence!

    • Patrick

      Correction (if I may) the hypocrisy of Peters and McCarten is breathtaking at times.

      Both are thieving lying conniving pus pots

      • Perhaps Patrick, but at least I’m not paying McCarten’s wages whilst he’s being a hypocrite. Peters on the other hand has been drinking from the taxpayer trough since 1978, so that makes him a far worse offender.

  • GregM

    Just goes to show what a lying toad Winston is. The government did not pay the studios one cent. Yet more lefty populist bullshit, never mind the facts.
    Get your cheque book out Winnie, we are still waiting.

    • le sphincter

      Au contraire bad posture one!

      The ‘refund’ of production costs runs into tens of millions for ‘each film’

      • onelaw4all

        Behold the default position of the Left.

        Any money that the private sector legitimately earns is not for them to retain, but belongs to the State by right and however much the State deigns to let the private sector keep is a magnanimous boon.

        In the Statists’ collective mind it is money they have already redistributed ahead of time in one of their many unsustainable programs, and if the earners for some reason manage to retain any more of their original earnings, that mindset deems it to be “theft”.

  • le sphincter

    Maybe Steven Joyce could find the $112k the National party ripped off the taxpayer for election ads while he was campaign manager for Don ‘ where are my glasses’ Brash

    Pots shouldnt call ketteles black

  • Blue Tim

    Why don’t the media hold Hine to account for his hypocracy?

  • Dave

    To repeat an earlier post for the Benefit of others rambling on about The Hobbit so called Subsidy. Living in Aussie, there is little that makes you proud to be Kiwi. Then one day the Hobbit comes out, and the Stunning scenery, beautiful country, and comments made directly to me about how great it looks, make me a proud kiwi once again. One close friend even said he was booking to go to to NZ as his misses had forced him to after viewing the movie. THe deal included trailers about NZ, so to me, its money WELL spent, and very strategically spent – Kiwis actually get something in return for it.

    Now, can the doubters such as Le Spinc tell me what NZ get in return for the investments in the dole and WFF please –

    • le sphincter

      Its called picking winners- we invented it !
      The labour version is called ‘creating jobs’

      But of course under national, its better known as crony capitalism

  • anniem

    Oh, shut up Winnie! go and have another fag and chill a bit before opening your mouth