Great Balls of Fire: Motorcyclist leaves trail of burning undies


Journos live for moments like these.  To break the story of the decade.  Today, the honour goes to Cathie Bell, who reports

A motorcyclist travelling toward Blenheim from Ward lost much of his wardrobe as it fell in burning clumps on to the road behind him as the bike’s exhaust pipe burnt a hole in his backpack.

Constable Andrew Holdaway said the man was unaware of the trail of fire behind him.

“Members of the public saw blobs of fire on the road, and they stopped to put them out. Further up the road, they saw a motorcyclist with a hole in his pack.”  

The burning clothes were found on State Highway 1 by the saltworks turnoff to Lake Grassmere.

“Police spoke to a male who had been riding his motorcycle from Ward with his backpack strapped to the rear of the bike. The backpack had slipped on to the exhaust pipe and melted the backpack and caught fire.

“The rider was unaware that his burning clothing was dropping on the road.

“I don’t think he had a change of undies to get on the ferry with,” Mr Holdaway said.


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  • spollyike

    This should happen to the maories who are pissed about Top Gear on 90 mile beach!! I can’t wait to hear what Clarkson has to say about our crazy maories!