Green Acid Challenge

The Green Taliban have produced a taxpayer-funded online video (see the crest?) boasting about the role they played in the jack up referendum they’ve sorted out with Labour and the trade unions – using yet more taxpayer money.

I’ve fixed it for them. 


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  • Acid (LSD) harms a minority of those who take it. The Green Taliban however….

  • LesleyNZ

    The Green Party are a bunch of hypocrites. If they truly believed in democracy and that referendums were the ultimate in the democratic process they would have supported a referendum on the gay marriage bill to be held at the next General Election. They didn’t support this because it did not suit their agenda. Watching them on this video paid for by us shows us what kind of hypocrites they are.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So…they went through all that, to get the signatures., and in 7 months, use of tax payers money and THIS is all they achieved?! INCOMPITENT would be a good description.

  • cows4me

    Now I’m no lover of the green slim but surely the blame should be laid at the feet of those who are truly to blame. Perhaps we should look at weak government and bureaucracies that are laws unto themselves. Our leaders are to blame, how can a minor party help themselves to taxpayer funds with no sort of challenge and scrutiny. Who the fuck is the gate keeper for the poor much maligned tax payer. No the blame lies with lax and useless government who don’t give a flying fuck about the taxpayers of this country and has handed out the keys to the treasury to every arsehole and their dog.

  • spollyike

    Green wankers! It was all done just to get email addresses so they can run an Obama style campaign on the great mass of indoctrinated gen Y’s in 2014. Why do you think the also wanted to lower the voting age? It’s well known the having been through 12 years of progressive indoctrination of state run socialist schooling anyone comes out in favour of the commies!