Green fashion watch – Does my hypocrisy look big in this?

Following the great interest in yesterday’s exclusive fashion story, and Metiria Turei spending many thousands of dollars on a wardrobe makeover, it’s time for an update.

Yesterday the Queen of the Catwalk (and former champion of the poor) decided to ditch the four thousand dollar blue jacket to go for the nice four thousand dollar tan number.


Very nice, I think you’ll agree.??

Nearly as nice as the other jackets Ms Turei is modelling on her Twitter page.

Lovely. And if I’m not mistaken they are also from Metiria’s favourite designer, the extremely expensive Adrienne Winkelmann.?

And not much change from $10,000 – $15,000 for that little lot.

I’m sure it’s worth it though, and the – how can I put this -?frumpier and hairier Green caucus and party members (no names!) are sure to be in favour of this cash going towards designer clothes instead of starving children.

When you’re fabulous (darling!) the poor can get fucked!

Mwah Mwah.