Green Taliban control of schools challenged

Somebody in the spineless UK Government has woken up to the Green Taliban propaganda that has been force-fed to school-children over the past ten years, and the left, championed by their MSM supporter The Guardian, is having a fit:

“Debate about climate change has been cut out of the national curriculum for children under 14, prompting claims of political interference in the syllabus by the government that has failed “our duty to future generations”.

The latest draft guidelines for children in key stages 1 to 3 have no mention of climate change under geography teaching and a single reference to how carbon dioxide produced by humans impacts on the climate in the chemistry section. There is also no reference to sustainable development, only to the “efficacy of recycling”, again as a chemistry subject.

The move has caused alarm among climate campaigners and scientists who say teaching about climate change in schools has helped mobilise young people to be the most vociferous advocates of action by governments, business and society to tackle the issue.”  

The brainwashing of children in the UK (and New Zealand) has been a campaign that would make North Korea’s Kim Jong Il proud.

“However, the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) said climate change was too important to be left to the whim of individual teachers.

“It appears climate change is being systematically removed from the curriculum, which is not acceptable when this is the biggest challenge our generation is going to face, the biggest challenge future generations are going to focus on,” said Camilla Born, an international expert at UKYCC.

Critics also point out that the danger of waiting until GCSE courses to teach about climate change in any depth is that only a minority of pupils study geography at that level”

We also have a generation of children who have been force-fed this biased Green Taliban nonsense. The tide is turning, but how long before our kids are allowed to have their brains back?


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  • blokeintakapuna

    The biggest challenge Humans face is over population… And politicians without any knowledge of Economics 101.

    You simply can’t increase wealth by dividing it…

    • Dave

      You have the theory wrong bloke, its not about dividing it, the answer is multiplication. The Greens have plans for a solar powered printing press.

  • BigDes

    Much more important is to teach economic literacy. Recycling is good, but global warming propaganda has no place in schools.

    • Dave

      Teachers Don’t need to teach kids Economic literacy, the Labour government has assured teachers and their unions support the view, that the labour government will always be there to support all New Zealanders with their social and robin hood style policies.

  • LabTested

    My daughter loved history. But at year 9 (or so) at an options evening at high school she asked “how much treaty of Waitangi will there be in the history course”

    She dropped history for the following year & told me she was just sick of the Treaty non stop since she was 5.

    I hope that global warming goes the same way. Kids do not like to be preached at. I thought that most of my teachers were dorks, so teachers may not have the ability to brainwash our kids as much as we fear (or do they)

    • Agent BallSack

      Good point. Who remembers anything from Social Studies? Most teachers were the antithesis of what was cool (except my cute French teacher, oui oui Madamoiselle).

      • And one Mr George Kay (OBHS) who was so cool he should have a movie made about him

  • kohibruce

    Not much chance of children being allowed to have their brains back when the coalition of “100 prominent New Zealanders” who want to lobby for climate change mitigation action have managed to lose their brains.

  • Jman

    I don’t know why reporting by the Guardian always seems to get so much prominence. It’s actually a tiny newspaper with a circulation of only about 200 000. It’s ranked around twelfth in terms of circulation in the UK – so why are we always hearing about what the Guardian reported, as if it was THE major newspaper in the UK?

    • Andy

      In the UK blogosphere, it is usually referred to as the “loss making Guardian” at every possible opportunity

    • James Stephenson

      It’s because to all intents and purposes, they’re the print division of the BBC…

      • Simo

        The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation has had an unmarked office door in the Kremlin since the end of WWII

  • Andy

    John Shade runs a website specifically aimed at Green propaganda in schools
    The quote at the top is from me.

    • jonno1

      Andy, your quote needs updating (assuming kids leave school by 18).

  • BJ

    New slogan:

  • grumpy

    I cease to be amazed at how the politicians, media, pressure groups etc. just switched overnight to “climate change”. Astounding!

    • Agent BallSack

      Climate change can cover seasons, GW has been discredited. Most CC scientists now take readings on the hottest day of summer, compare it to winter and get a million dollars to play with.

  • grumpy

    It gets worse for the panic stricken political classes……

  • Andy

    I copied this comment from Bishop Hill, as it seems very relevant

    My lecture on plants and climate change went down well with a
    young (18-30) audience who, up until now, have only been exposed to the
    “Alarmist” view through the Media and the education system.
    They were gobsmacked went I told them that;
    1) Hurricanes are not increasing in frequency or intensity,
    2) Droughts are not increasing in frequency or intensity.
    3) Floods are not increasing in frequency or intensity,
    4) There has been no record high Continental temperature set in the last 30 years.
    5) The World is greening at a rate of 1%/year.
    All these are “good” things- particularly (5)- increased Primary Productivity will help feed the World.
    I went on to show how this increased plant growth is directly related to increased CO2.

    All this was backed by the peer-reviewed scientific literature- (references were provided on each slide).

    Many students came up to say what an interesting and eye-opening lecture it
    had been and why had they not been told this stuff before. There was not
    a single dissenting voice.

    When people are presented with real evidence, rather than hype, they rapidly see through the Climate Change scam/scare.